NASA Production Progressive Screens Lenses by CEO NASA IBM-TES

Video from

Hubble Explorer

Narration apart only what I would like to see at the Planetarium during an Eclipse or any other occurrence that may meet curiosities from all ages.

The Eclipse of August 21 would have been the first SoundTrack Video Film Movie from Webber Collins McCartney Foster Elton John and others Metallica and even Natives of America when they hear the sounds of the Universe to convert it in whatever notes of their instruments – the giants of the music montages. Participation required Earth Movement of only the professionals known best of music.

We will realise "personal sounds" and Orchestra Sound for this Eclipse to then return the whole montage(s) to CEO IBM-TES for writing projects. Therefore she is expecting "Personal + Orchestra" soundtracks. Along with the complete video.

The video has to reflect motion of the universe with collage of every part into one screen. 

Video –  YouTube: Hubble:Exploring The MilkyWay. 

NASA entering production for Screen Lenses for iDevices including Cameras/eyes 

Progressive Screen that will permit the viewing of an Eclipse as it is in transition. It will only be visible to the eye through streaming into another iDevices. Therefore placing a iDevices facing the Sun or and the Moon can give you that personal satisfaction to see it before viewing it on TV and get the complete video of it with your own sound track import(s).



All new iDevices including Mobiles will have this screen – 2017 has seen streaming in a big way and IBM-TES CEO wants to exploit all the avenues of experiences an individual may have alone or with others. Streaming Easy IBM-TES with CEO of NASA.

See what the Planeterium has in store for everyone during our Winter Holidays, Spring Breaks, Summer Soltice and Fall Oktober Fests.

Natives – Citizens of every country can see what streaming is with soundtracks and videos. Everyone will have a chance to be at the planetarium and be known at Mo-U. Watch your video with your soundtrack make it big at the Dow. Get creative. Watch for the signs in the sky and send it to People will pay to watch it.

NASA Productions is a new concept. CEO of Production NASA is not into Charity. Work for your money – make it interesting. The money and the ideas will come pouring in if its just that full of information that we use or not just because it's so interesting full of fascination.