New Advanced Methods Communication with Bell Canada IBM-TES




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What is a community receptor.

Whatever makes Bell's Receptor work is in a built-in wall unit.

It takes on the principles of the shortwave radio.

Instead of every TV with their own receptors – all is found in three boxes where the telephone line once lived. 

Encastrement. Built-in Principle.

Ethernet Internet Cables live together work together. 

Bell Canada just received this proposal. What will happen with their dear old receptors? NADA that CEO of IBM-TES knows of. She would have never done that. 

She also proposed the same principle for electrical outlets for external cameras and lights. She has still to receive an answer.

There are more proposals – should she not get any answers she will have to get rid of whoever is non-complying and take the matters in her own hands. When they can afford their companies back, she'll be happy to get rid of employee burdens from off her shoulders.