New Age Muscle Mass Activator Revolution by CEO of IBM

EARTH and Humans

Our earth looks like this:

Our Galaxy looks like this:

Spiralling Effects

Both do revolutions to permit revolutions.

The Human Body is lie this:

Matters of Organisms have their own circulation and revolutions in various movements.

The body frame, New Age Revolution Body Mass

Our body mass decreases quite a bit with little chances of recuperation in height but possibly in width.

Let me NOT go into Inca, Egyptian Shapes and Forms along Beliefs.

We have a few civilisation of those days still living amongst us.

I asked for "DO NOT Disrupt" All this would have been done and sold a while back.

Body Frame Work can be done on a wall like that Murphy's Bed. When finished just return to Wall Unit. 

Sold by:

Surgeons Orthopedist Neuro Science.

WILL benefit all Neuro Disorders including Alzheimer and Dimentia.

Hormones Balance Act could result.


Like our Earth will revolutionise as planets revolutionise around us. Earth gets all the planets and wave movements of whatever is around. It keeps its balance.

Physicysts That Come and Go some go into a meltdown work together to find the tilts of our earth and the tilts necessary to follow the movements.

The Age of Aquarius is all on innovation. Motorisation of our Organisms not to always go against the traffic. 

You need to sleep and forgot your exercises. You may use this Bed Frame. 

It is Vertical at a certain degree for your upper back and back of head to meet that tilt in degrees.

It can then change into lower and higher degrees as per the Surgeons Perceptions. 

To a lying down movement where you can either sleep there for further treatments or to just press a button and bring it back to the wall unit. 

Count  1 year for each organism that was built to perform its functions during the 10 month body processor in gathering data into practice of its functions in our embryo to completion.

Therefore, we are sure to count at least 21 years of this procedure to effect the desired results.

Waking up after 21 years of treatment to the same look as when you started.

The BodySuits from Designers.

As the Surgeon Orthopedists Neuro Sciences work other findings are possible. 

1. How to minimise the gadget into a smaller development to do the same without implants.

2. How to stitch them into the garments?

3. Which garments would be best and why?

4. How to add detectors? Where and Why?

Since WHAT and HOW have already been answered. Why and Where will be a piece of cake to answer when the customer asks. 

Customer: Why am I getting this rod and cross-rod in my garment.

Surgeons: You will have a cross-rod because it will regulate it back as you move. The garmet is flexible and your brain is not ready along with your muscles to behave according to the habit-forming pattern we are trying your body to assimilate and perform with. All I am trying to say, you are like le Bossu de Notre Dame and it's easier to go forward then to pull backwards to go against that gravity.

Customer: I have a bed frmae New Age Muscle MASS REVOLUTON ETC..WHY THS CORSET AND BODY SUIT?

Surgeon: you need to work harder and that won't happen. This Cross-Rod will flex back in to where you started during the day it only tells us your weak points. With whatever information we gather the more we will in data processing this body armature of yours into a staying shape. Bones can be brought back to what was or what we want it to be, the Surgeon Orthopedist. Bones can be molded to back into shape or into shapes. 

Egypt. Inca and their Shapes and Forms.

I want to conduct my own scientific approaches.

Through technology – threads of weaves and weaving threads fully understood visibly seen under microscopes and then to see if it is stretched that way only what it does and what it is streched at three different levels of its lenghtitude horizontally and crosswise what it could do.

Lengthitude is – length in time and direction.

Longitude is – extending in the direction of the length of a thing; running lengthwise:

Lengthwise Degrees Time Duration 

Body Frame Muscle Stimulation Activation 


Body Armature Bodice and Full Body 


Lines of latitude (parallels) run east-west around the globe and are used to measure distances NORTH and SOUTH of the equator. Since the equator is 0 , the latitude of the north pole, 1/4 of the way around the globe going in a northerly direction, would be 90 N.


What's new other than Work.

Ford Idea Division of IBM

Statellite GPS Service – Free TV for 1 year.


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