New CEO of NASA WorkSheet Future Needs by A.G. LANG


Moon Phases Tides and NorthWest Territories and Any Other Territories going through prolonged daylight and prolonged darkness, night shades.

All values evaluated from 1962 to Present

New Value Findings from sea-ocean beds upwards.

SeaDrone Sentinnel for Magnetic Fields Gases Radiation (including UV)

What does UV Radiation look like from sea-ocean-Beds upwards and all around in various temperature then send cold to very very cold ice to see the difference in the values. 

How long it will take to melt is to be considered – would prefer to be more than just ready for this evaluation.

What does it look like after the cold – better? Same? Put more ice. Give it a very congealed atmosphere wherever feasible. When findings reveal radiation from light to concentrated that is gradual – need to work around the why now. You have indentified the values. Work around the very light then to light then to more concentrated.

If it works that UV (just a name) Radiation dissipates in value becoming less toxic – add more ice especially if you can also your own UnderCurrent SeaDrone just for the specific Areas.


The rest is to TBA.