New Concept – CrystalBall SolarPowered Rechargeable Battery Energy by CEO IBM-TES


Got a new concept – From Viva Las Vegas to outdoor entertainment.

Cars will need it in a miniscule way of course smaller than their highlights.

The highlights car lights Sylvania did not answer. Anyone else interested?

Duracell and Panasonic show interest.

You see that light (ball) + battery recharger + batteries?

They can work together with those connecting wires to continuously recharge for that extra mileage. Of course, some models are removeable (sliders) Can use it for home appliance.

I would like to know why this hasn't been done years ago. Is it because you all got to walk a mile to get to the firepit, then walk another mile to get a pot, or even get butter and milk for KD?

Would you like to live that kind of life that Oxfam itself would envy?

Would you all want to work under the tent – to walk miles for each ingredient just to put together KD meals for a crowd? To walk back to the tent.

Consider it done.

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