New! IBM-TES GOES PRE-FORMATTED Flex.Cells Page Builder by CEO

OBJECTIVE: Pre-Formatted Flex.Cells Page Builders for Economy Overall.

When BRANDS start with spreadsheets – Sales follow. Information is gathered and by zone, district, regional and national are words included in the spreadsheet. Know how much is either too much or not enough could reduce cross examinations turning sales results in every zone for every district regional manager portfolio. National Managers prefer Regional Managers with real facts, real data. So does the CEO of IBM-TES.

The following steps are to identify these zones and districts for sales while complying to gas emissions, recycling of plastics, recycling of paper and so on and so forth. Also, when it comes to marketing there are browsers that will interlink to the closest retailer, wholesaler or discount sales always in some radius finely scrutinized by Transport Canada and Transport Provincial (Territories where applicable) In United States, likewise. 

How does it become economical?

Based on the answers of the Spreadsheets, the Regional Managers have the facts, datasheets with flex.cells for viewing, reporting, commenting and even sharing. Every Cell can be multi-tasked. It is pre-formatted for this flexibility in multi-tasking. 

IBM-TES employee very much in-tune with ChatBox has also made it possible to turn every cell into a live… chatbox with the said (CELL) It can be seen in ChatBox, Sent in Emails and even Self-Directed-Copy to a post of choice should Twitter/Facebook or any other platform allow the necessary access. IBM-TES and this unique employee are not responsible in any way where Social Platforms are concerned. Use the regular methods. 

I believe that so far, it does look feasible and economical since in Canada Regional Zones District for Sales are fewer than in the United States, thus less administrative costs.  These employees will possibly benefit of more incentives than just a regular 9-5 paycheque. Some employees who will talk about brands – get the brands of their choice to review when/where applicable not the old ways of pitching trashy objects found at Dollarama, most people with a small budget are seen there. Why pay $5. for pens when Dollarama sells them for $1.25 for a little bundle.

Just as a joke, Blackberry Demo Gifts Pens are empty. I placed them in hot water. So what happened at the plant of pens for Blackberry? I don’t know. So what happened at Dell with their mini-computer with the batteries? I don’t know. I do ask something. I had a former husband, I still do, he is still a former husband, why on earth people don’t call someone that salesmen can’t stand. That’s the negotiator for you.  Dell was not the maker of batteries – so I ask, who downloaded his trash and give it to Dell – Dell didn’t see anything? He doesn’t test his mini-computers? As the CEO of IBM-TES, jokes are jokes and jokes aside, no, I have doubts that we would partner. I was impressed at one time but after, it lost its lustre. No jokes.

Google – Geocities and Blogger what happened, babyface google turned into a little monster? It seems that Google Store is around Google Play is around. I am not too sure which name it goes under. I need to google their products for information of its performance – not too keen. 

How economical will it be to eCommerce by Region? Very. Bloggers and Website Owners now have to copy the same old ways when Google Play was not there, comb through the web for information on products, stores, prices and promotions but with a spreadsheet, that means that brands will pay for these operators to download a part of the spreadsheet which is called Analysis. What happens when these operators get followers? They get targetted by Regions/Zones which is part of the Spreadsheet for every brand. Not the only the name Gillette or Procter Gamble, the product. Blades are blades on Spreadsheet by Zones/Region. Promotion Tag /Regular Price Tag / Discount Tag and Liquidation Tag. All data will automatically be sent into the Flex.Cell of the spreadsheet. Brands who get internal datasheets from reward(s) cards.

How economical will it be is as economical as it sounds so far, all is pre-formatted in Flex.Cell that means you can add to it. You can expand on every cell. Every Flex.Cell is Multi-Tasked. Right click, Left Click and click again on the scroll down menu for selections of the multi-tasks. 

Websites with TABS to be part of the body content. I would like to inform my own staff that it could prove to be useful to permit a visitor at a website to see more content than what Elementor suggests or even Wix.  Look at the diagram – Visitor shows up see the sales pitch on top. Placing TABS right beneath them without going through the procedures of hardly building a page to place on the page at the moment doesn’t exist. I did not find it or know its name.