NewsBreak: Heating Elements Pyrex B&D Outdoors.Home.Office by CEO IBM-TES

What is Black & Decker up to?

Follow Up NewsBreak: FlipOver Innovations LG GE HomeOffice  February 20, 2017 


With an old innovation of the Pyrex industry, Black & Decker is going Space Maker – all the way.

Electric Pan from GE + Pyrex + Black & Decker

Working for the finest simplest edge of our household needs. Should Pots and Pans be kept only for indoors. CEO of IBM feels that some commodities in the kitchen could be versatile.

Heating elements made of shreds – mixtures of glass + certain plastics + stainless steels and pyrex will give out the necessary heat to cook up storms of delicious foods with slide-in electric bases regulators of heating from simmer to high heat from the element inside the base to outlets made of batteries and electricity.

Thomas Edison saw it right – light up the world with some magical coils.

Only a few will be made available. Can cook on the balcony, on the patio, in the kitchen and in offices. It was made for water – Tea Kettles.

  • Sleek Brushed Stainless-Steel Designed to Enhance Your Kitchen Counter, 360° Swivel Power Base for Cordless Convenience; Concealed Heating Element to Prevent Scale Build Up; Removable, Washable Scale Filter for Cleaner Water; Adjustable Length Cord Wraps Inside the Base to Cut Down on Counter Clutter. 
  • Ivation Precision-Temperature Electric Hot Water Tea Kettle
    Pot 1.7 Liter (7-Cup), 1500 Watt, Stainless Steel Cordless,
    6 Preset Variable Heat Settings 
  • This model has a base – Black & Decker has one base for more than 1 pot or pan. Slide-In. TBA.

A consumer may compare and see if it fits in his paths of visions as to where it can be used. Outdoors, in the kitchen of small studio, in an office or in a big kitchen?

When it comes to Ivation – this is it. Tea, Coffee (instant) Baby Formula. It does have 6 settings and it does all that. Black & Decker has 3 settings. And it can accommodate more pots or and pans. Pyrex to Combined Materials with Pyrex.

N.B. It doesn’t stop there. House board bases will also be made of these materials. We need to work it first to cook and heat up or even cool down for refrigeration that when I hear – can I cool down my beer just as fast as I can heat up water. The answer is yes but first – let’s analyse the consequences: are they worth it. 


August 25, 2018 Update – Follow Ups

Objective: Restaurant SpaceMaker with Convection warming drawers style Buffets Tables

Depending on individual needs and locations of restaurants I believe SpaceMaker Cabinet Warming Drawers for certain fancy foods will be à la vigueur du jour.

Many years ago I was at Sancho Panza and I wanted to try out all these dishes that were passing in front of me to land on other tables. I told a man there that I would like to get up with an empty plate fork and knife in hand just to slice away pieces of many dishes everything looked so delicious to then find myself at the traditional salad bar. He replied that he would not mind but his clientele would and that buffet style would be out of the question.

Being an amateur chef I could understand his concern for buffet and prepared dishes. So I thought of Black and Decker with his SpaceMaker Cabinets to come. 

This link will bring you to the Convection Warming Drawer – 

Of course this guy Thermador is the lobster of all ranges and warming drawer and I just cannot afford this dish. So I went Black and Decker SpaceMaker.

Design the warming drawer first. Longer with Glass sides and tops. The restaurant may want 3 of them. One for soups and rices and maybe tapas. Others for whatever he may choose while desserts are at à la carte. This concept is to keep foods moist and appetising in look and in smell flavours. Lift top. Take what you want – after all it’s not $8. Buffet here. Most popular dishes are ready for the clientele to assemble. Can be used for breakfast as well. Temperature and Moisture control per cabinets since there is a glass side (separator) for each dish. 

Here it is. The concept. Read the exclusive (specs)

The Thermador Convection Warming Drawer features our industry exclusive SoftClose® drawer. The ceramic warming surface heats and warms efficiently, keeps food hot until it’s ready to serve and it is also easier to clean. 

A special convection mode offers superior heat distribution, allowing you to warm tall stacks of dinner plates evenly and quickly. We’ve also added a unique touch control panel with a digital display for easy activation and temperature monitoring and kept the sides of the drawer open for easy accessibility.

Ours is mostly glass and dividers (separators) with SoftClose LID not pull-out. When the clientele brings down the lid, it will softly close by itself after the gentle or hard nudge. Antibreakage. Just like expensive car trunks.

Ever went to a restaurant for just soup and breads? Ever went to McDonalds for just – Pizza and Salad? That’s McDonalds. He can choose whatever in Cold and in Warm. He knows his clientele. I would sell him 3 drawers units. Work together but are separated. Therefore, McDonald can choose to have his salad mix except for the dressing in one unit and maybe he’ll have fries and regular Burgers for one set price. The wonderful feature here is that this innovation will bring on timely clientele for all you can eat. Weighing the loss with the cost/profits sometimes at certain places is necessary. What would I be looking for during periode tranquille at McDonalds, yes, they do exist at most restaurants while a few enjoy year-round clientele at high costs too. 

Got parties? All you can eat day. Get rid of all your inventory to get fresh. I have tasted some fish filet, yuck and some really good. That’s my favourite. Piled up burgers, hmmmm. Piled up fries… ladies favourite. Do not really know why but it’s true. Walk in pay for Fries only with a drink any drink. Walk in pay for burgers and fries.

Trial to happen at my expense. If McDonalds doesn’t like it. I take back all my spacemakers. Will not apply my famous LOGO for ordering for payment for etc… TBA. 

NEWS: LG-GE and more go FLIP PRO-Line

Stove Top converts with flip. Pull to Flip.

Removable Boards

Boards Ceramic-Metal of choice and quality

Convection Style sens vapour to food

Grooves Ridges for easy-clean

Slip-in-out for dishwasher safe

Innovation comes from under – the existing stove top will emit its heat into the ceramic. Attention c’est chaud !

Existing Distance Surface Heat remains around 3″ all around surface cool surface.

Cook eggs, bacon, steak etc.. all at once.

Boil water while cooking the rest of foods

Can accommodate pots pans or only food.

Collects all juices ridges grooves

Open spout to release some juice into container.



Space Saver Idea from Black&Decker

Why did Black & Decker just stop?

B&D LG GE and others may return to Traditional Fusions

Small places but all equipped.


New Home Office Kraft Kitchen Supplies

LG and GE will come together to give consumers MoneyTimeSaving with portable sectional kitchen supplies.

Since we live in a fast paced world – unceasingly on the go or on the move the CEO brightened up when she heard that Kraft was looking for a bright light.

CEO of LG and GE are thrilled to test their luck at this innovation.

Quote: “On the go. We are always on the go. Condos studio, apartment studios, small homes – running around looking for that right spot for our regular kitchen equipment just to find no space. I believe IBM-TES CEO enjoys expansion development more than mergers with same or close kind of products.” Thrilled LG – CEO interacts.

Quote: “That’s a marvelous idea. CEO also mentioned outdoorsy kitchen – Mine is a little secretive at the moment and I do have plans.” CEO best at GE also known as “fou comme un balais” over this innovation.

The meeting went well. Home Office and Outdoors Kraft Kitchen Supplies. Dishes and pots and pans to follow of course. We are leaving this to their imagination.  Kraft Kitchen CEO has so many tasks and overloaded that CEO of IBM decided that responsibilities are to be assumed – asked LG and GE to combine their efforts to realise a HomeOffice Kraft Kitchen Supplies.

Imagine having portable by section at your office or at home.


  1. Electronic Distance Control (software)
  2. Temperature Thermometer
  3. Oven big enough for a turkey
  4. Pizza Oven (1 oven door or 2 oven doors)
  5. Extra oven can be used for pastries (not included)
  6. Small Pantry for cookbooks, spices or oven trays/grills
  7. From bottom to top – slide-in bars for security (position)

Outdoors – Simply Marvellous exclaimed CEO of IBM to LG and GE!


Included are FREE Coupons for Special Reserve Sauces


Free Coupons for Special Salads use Kraft!


LG and GE are happy wholesalers for Home Office Kraft Kitchen Supplies

Going commercial for Hotels, Motels, Offices and Household. All over the world. Go sectionals insists CEO of IBM-TES

Innovation around already used products controlled by distance with software. Controlled in front of the stove as well.

Security comes first – all sectionals have slide in bars with lock.

Unlike Stephen King and Kraft Kitchen inundated with multi-tasking and all not counting taking care of all the employees, CEO of IBM-TES knows where responsibilities fall – on her shoulders. Told all the time, it’s your responsibility as a CEO to keep IBM-TES afloat. *sigh* It took me over 2 years with this project. Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuzzz meeeeeeeeeee, sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee!


Monkey at work!

Rechargeable Boxes for all electronics, kitchen appliances and more are almost ready. Anything can be “brancher” to these energy boxes.

Chrismas 1989

Still waiting to at least look like this again. Then maybe, my strength will build all by itself, of course.