O.R. Surgeries with Cancer Scope by IBM Tech Eng by Adriana

June 2, 2015, Boucherville QC

What’s BREWING? 

IBM Tech Eng. Cancer Battles with Cone Waves and Local Chemotherapy

Wave Cone Magnetic Zones with Electronic Helmets for Brain Tumours.

Adjustable WaveControl ConeShape on an Electronic Gilet designed by

Ralph Lauren/Lagerfeld/Dior  with magnetic interior (lining) for chest

(lungs and abdomen and pelvic area)

BiopsyDrill Manual/Wireless/Electric (image resembles but the handling may be there)

Tips of drills wands will vary according to sizes of tumours.

Bullet Sender Is a Pistol (looks a little less dangerous than this Colt) 

It does have 2 barrels to accommodate diameters of WandTips

Velocity and Range to be analysed with scanner placed above the Pistol.

 ScreenScope will receive the image of the scanner to evaluate range and velocity


ScreenScope will be secured above the pistol to receive images of scanner.

biopsy drill


SkullDrill Wireless/Electric with WandTips Various Sizes

Not as shown – this image is just to show that the tips have to be short.


  • Pistol will insert slowly the tubular barrel to a certain distance from the tumour.
  • 2 barrels for two different tubulars retractables (always on slow)
  • ScreenScope will show the distance left and it will give the precise or approximate range and velocity needed to lodge the magnetic bullet filled with chemotherapy – concentration is to still be evaluated.
  • After Scan use biopsy and insert pistol straw to a certain distance and shoot in the bullet at the perfect or near perfect range and velocity. Remove straw/pistol – Scan.

According to size or approximate size of tumour, use Cone starting from either the smallest wave-circle or largest wave-circle. Medication should be able to be on slow-release since the tumour is confined. Because I feel the tumour will probably shrink around the bullet it may be easier to slowly pull him out when it has diminished in size – by pulling him away from its confinement, it can then be pulled out. Not sure. Fevers with chills may occur but not sure. I feel it will be controlled with aspirin. Aspirin relieves pain and dilutes the blood a little permitting oxygen to flow once again in an area that was once confined with tumours.

According to www.lyphoma.ca – chemotherapy prevents blood vessel growth, stops cell division/replication process, causes spontaneous cell death, creates a non-dividing cell by altering cell structure. If that is reasonably true then perhaps this should be used in one of the trials. Local chemotherapy in this manner may prove to be beneficial for blood flow to still regenerate adequate supply of oxygen to the brain.

tabletscanner http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-image32061962 NorthernTelecomMemoryButtons

FunctionButtons catheters switchswitchswitch

Regulator Functions Buttons for Wall-Mounted Screens

Flexible Control Manual/Wireless

Multi-Functions with Allocations for Future Adaptations

Solar Energy Conversion/Duality – Electrical to Solar Energy Converter for most graphics

RoomSupplies on a Slider  tabletscanner  TopGlassMagnifier w/Regulator Buttons

Conveyor O.R. Table with Mobile/Sliding TopGlassMagnifier w/Regulator Buttons


Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen

Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen Hp-Blue-Screen


R2d2 R2d2 PrintPlate switch lab1


with Programs such as Video/Sound Players Cards 

R2D2 has Telescopic Eyes Feeds Projecting to Screens

Chrismas 1989 by LANG