OceanWaters + LAVA + Patterns Energy Fields Of Perception by CEO IBM Science

April 9, 2019 – Lava + Ocean Waters – Energy Source or…. let the chemists reveal it all. 

We are blessed with waters and lots of it and we are blessed by oxygen. We are blessed by so much more and I intend to find out if we missed out on certain possibilities and their potentials.

Could the Queen be right? Is she turning into Isabella of the 1490’s wanting to find out what China was all about to then find out what America can become to Spain?

Here in this photo above there is a suggestion of excavating around volcanoes near water. The measures would be half the height in depth all around. Have ocean water fill it.

Can some form of energy be had in this bassin? What else can survive in species animals and vegetation? Can we grow oysters or crystals. She is fascinated by the unrevealed, the extraordinary and the possibility of finding out – While this is going on and no volcano has erupted there is the gathering raking of lava and placed in a large bassin of ocean water. Not at the same place further away. She wants to use her helicopters to transport containers of lava. Water from the ocean and just leave it there.

Then she is hoping that her staff get other ideas as they analyze the waters.  Can some conversion be made out of it?

I am going to bed now.

I hope you enjoyed this one. It must have been done somewhere in closed areas and not where volcanoes are free to erupt at the edge of the ocean where there was EARTH – HARD CRUST SURFACE. Thoughts to ponder.



Follow up on Life HourGlass with Seals of Time.

Science has an idea that even if a human being is exempt of major events traumas and stress including lesser of illnesses – human life will end by degeneration by at least 135 years of age. The body has given up before, at that age most people will not be able to walk but what keeps them breathing even eating and how is the digestion?

7 Seals are written purposely in the Bible.

What if? Well, what if,  I just take this and turn it into possible studies for IBM – Looking for the unfamiliar and possibly the impossible combination – same shapes with other shapes not matter its reason to-be.  What if I do add Shakespeare – To Be or Not To Be. The odd with the regular seen and both seen as normal – can they be or not be what would equal a small stretch to our livelihood. Science will do so much and I know that it’s not all it needs to do if someone doesn’t want to live because of pain. But what if a person lives with pain not caused by others, Science still has to do its part falling on some loyalty built in our DNA. Irregular shapes with regular shapes is like saying: A person can live with Cancers. Eruptions to Active volcanoes humans still can live with disaster.

I have here something else. The reptile. Look at the patterns. Now color our dermis and give it all these colors instead of that white creamy pink to pink rosy that even Ralph Lauren couldn’t put together. He brought pink into a unnatural color for men and even some women would not wear.

Piercing through Seals of time would look like this – Fields of Perceptions



What to make of it – First off, Romance from Mars. We just arrived and we only know how to tell on longevity from a tree trunk with rings of years and now we are looking at patterns that certain species wear as a dermis or shelter like a turtle. How to tell? Hee I see a few patterns coming together to fill the coat of a snake. Similar can be found in years of age and how to give it more time. Of course, each seal brings us further. The Bible mentions 7. Maybe we are looking for 7 and maybe we are not looking for 7 since it takes a total of six + ? to give us a total of 7 which is a number of perfection. Perfection will travel from our start our very first breath of life to go to a certain distance renewing it until it goes back to the first breath of life. We on earth have a birth date until one day we don’t even know what time it is while others will.  Numbers to think about for a while and longer than we believe – 144,000 and 7. Here if we divide it (who knows why I would divide it) I still have a irregular number. Should LONGEVITY command regular or even numbers ?

TBA – Patterns and fields of perceptions.

HourGlass Energy – Security Reasoning by Adriana CEO IBM Tech Eng ~ Science published  November 20. 2015


So true and IBM cannot go back in time (physically) re-inforcing today, the present and tomorrow the future.

Emblem of Pass to enter IBM Tech Eng ~ Science is all in the MC.

HourGlass GemsJupiter NASAVacuumChamber

A giant HourGlass Vacuumed-Packed-MC Semi-Precious Gems with anti-matter magnetism permitting the floating for communication and energy purposes.

The HourGlass will be held by Stand such as:

globe on stand The HourGlass will be seamed with SolarPanel Stripes to attract energy. Its reasoning is all around Conservation & Security.

It is in the works and I feel it will be feasible to concentrate energy. It will have meters for levels of atmospheric values and radiation within its concentrations.

Height – Diameter TBA

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