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Who are we?

I don't want anyone to believe in everything I say and do. I am Human just like you. You may read, write and act in your style, fashioned distinctively without any recognition of what we see in front of our eyes.

What do you see in this photo?

I see a man/woman/child with a look of wonder remained frozen in time. Time doesn't wait for anyone. 

Questions to be answered on a piece of paper, reflection!

I am less angry than I was before. What is your biggest worry as an individual?

I am not going to lie and tell you that I watch TV like when I was very young. Perhaps we had many televisions in the 60's. Perhaps, because, I had a small TV in my bedroom. Not sure why. 

Many say that TV started a disaster. The Jehovah's Witness of years ago did not say that – they said, there must be a reason why Technology went so fast after WWII. It is written in the Bible that when a certain time will come – everyone will know. The signs! The signs of times are here – you won't be here. That's is one my biggest reason of anger in the past, today, I'm a little calmer. I am not concerned. You have TV. You have cells. You have iPads, You have computers, in somma!

The man writes to me to tell me that he does much for the poor and destitutes. I say, you have to wait a long time for a reward. The only reward you shall have is when he feels the reward. The poor and destitute of yesteryears have to be able to fend for themselves at whatever level you once found them to become able to eat, hygiene and communicate.

The Jehovah's Witnesses come to my door. Doom and Gloom. I really didn't want to tell them anything. Today, I shall. Science. Is Science ready for HUMANITY. For its near perfection? Technology is today backing Medical / Pharmaceutical / Laboratories – at a capacity that has never been had and seen. Who created us? Would you hurt our Creator. My answer is yes.

If our Creator would take shape and form – You would have killed HIM.


Hi to everyone who reads my posts.

A while back, I asked people who listened to my special broadcast to read a few bible booklets.

Last week, I asked a few religions to procure themselves with the Hebrew/Greek/Latin/their language translated of the Bible.

As NASA has shown to whoever was interested in our Galaxy, our Earth has formation compared to several planets in our said Galaxy. 

We are the future. Earth is the future. It turned out to be the most perfected planet of our Creator. 

When reading the Bible, I asked for people to read Abraham. His life as it was written, or very close. Abraham was a faithful servant who heard and saw God or our Creator. If you have read the New Testament, a few people saw God when Jesus Christ was baptised. It was the last event. We shall possibly never see HIM in our lifetime. 

Abraham – I said and it is a little my interpretation and not a solid forecast carved in stone can be compared to God – Should you ever be with God – possibly, many will treat HIM like Abraham was treated by his family. 

During the course of your lifetime – have any of you (cursed = ancient word for mockery) Sometimes? Then don't worry. All the time, welcome to my Ministry. If you are reading this, you may wish to read Abraham.

When reading Abraham, keep in mind, to write down as you read – what you feel it means. Can you see some of what happened 4 thousand years ago repeat itself today or yesterday. Do you wish to have it all repeated, or partially. 

Write down all that you wish repeated in your future and distant future. Then write down all that you do not wish repeated at any time, today, tomorrow and in a distant future.

I do have a commentary box below. Should you wish to write – take a moment and please do so.

Thank you.

I like this guy! 

Don't mess with the Monkey. I like the Return of the Planet of the Apes (I really never saw it, preview of it only back then) I like R2D2 and I enjoy StarTrek. Because, I just like it. I saw that they were so futuristic and I wondered if I was going to be alive to start living the fantasies of the movie directors and scriptwriters of the times.

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