Organs Brain Envelopes + Mesh Net Solutions by CEO of IBM-TES

Mesh Net Melt Medicinal Coating 

Objectives: And the Envelope, please!


Biggest Priorities:

Exceptional Ingredients

Properties to melt into fibers material

Wrap around the organs

Net Mesh Medicinal Envelope

First top diagram are mesh nets of possibilities to either wrap or just insert organ in the envelope.

Sometimes the outerwalls membranes are softening. Sometimes the tissues fibers are softening. 

Avoid Spasmastic Reaction with Side-Effect Solution. 

Some ingredients of this MeshNet Envelope will be on slow-release while others instant effect.

Because organs react differently understanding the solutions applied for the "Glycerine Nitro Skeleton" Mesh Net Envelope – nets may differ. 

Tumours Cancers Abnormalities Soft Tissues can invigorate with a few cells of slow-release and a few cells of instant effect. Then repeat the beehive applications. 


  • Take Excel or Lotus SpreadSheet and look at the MeshNet.
  • Take the Organ Affected and place it on SpreadSheet
  • SuperImpose the Net over the Affected Organ
  • Design Taylor the paths of the ingredients according to the needs.
  • It could be possible that this net is empty and flat but ready to take on the warmer ingredient. 
  • Place the net of nitroglycerine with big beehive holes. Add the nitroglycerine to fill the holes where needed. All products ingredients are prepared and kept warm for this application. What happens is it will sort of harden before closing. 
  • Acupuncture of this method can also be done straight into the first layers of the membranes including brain. 
  • Respiratory Aid. TBA 
  • Neurological Disorders TBA (around location solutions)

From Normal to Cancer – Cancer Affected Outerwall to be filled in.

Under good condition, should surgery be required and tissues are removed they need to be refilled. Most tissues get back together as cut ends shrink from the swell to scar together but this time, with the right solutions ingredients there are less inner scars thus making me believe nerve connecting left intact wherever removal was not effected. Problems arise such as bacteria and infections. These methods will give physicians an advantage. Less returns because of infections.

Net made of melting ingredients with the medicinal ingredients will possibly sound less of big solution but I feel that certain circumstances the only solution or wise method.

Renal Conditons with people getting donors. Can this start to see an envelope that requires also a little wi-fi connection in the X of certain holes of the net. This is made of hard material or plastic but not the entire envelope. 

I was looking for that FinePoint NeedleScopic and I found something. The one I was seeing is possibly starting from a large needle to slowly eject other soft tubes up to 6 to 8 inches long. Crawling Worms Ejecting fluids. It can collect fluids from affected area.

OctoNeedle Suction Injection. One large tube needle containing other needles tubes 

This one is only one of the tubes inject solutions – while another suctions.

Brain and Lungs Impossible Passages. 

Scanning your way in with the Tip of the Needles View on Screen.

BTW the Screen is always best seen below and not on some high side. 

Be creative!


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