Packaging Disposal Festivals create Life by IBM-TES LANG

One year after Unilever made its industry-leading commitment to ensure 100% of its plastic packaging was fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, CEO Paul Polman welcomed news that 10 companies have made similar pledges.

Who are these 10 companies? It’s not Campbell, it’s not Kraft Foods and it’s not Coca-Cola or anyone like that those 10 companies are future packaging pledged for recycle and I do not trust them. I may be the only one who believes that big brand name like Unilever needs to sharpen up his pencils for every math calculated angle on how to produce while reducing other areas for product disposal.

I am not Unilever or Catelli from food to sanitary pads and so much in between people need to use on a daily basis. We have been through “do not go in the middle aisles for the sake of lean and healthy bodies… now we are going to do not get certain items or most items because of our poor quality and mediocre methods of disposal.

Because most big brands do not know how to keep the food and the ingredients secure for too long without certain materials – we get the hippies who believe in whole foods as if they are the only ones so here comes the economic debate.

#1 going to the grocery and retail store more often and we bust the budget for gas emission.


#2 refrigeration at home and sanitation at home for longer shelf life and we bust our budgets at home.


#3 a little of both, #1 and #2

Packaging is all about: reduction in bruises on transit it needs to be well packaged, the container and the box the product needs during its transport and its placing on shelf and in fridge and of course these 10 companies are now going to produce all that.

Food to liquid soap. The package from the inside has to make sense to the product and the look or appeal on the outside has to make sense to the consumer.

I do not need to go any further people in packaging even became President and Vice President of big large firms and companies carrying the most popular brands. Equiterre is talking about those 10 companies that saw the light of day not long ago, I suppose. We are not the 3rd world in those needs. Reducing plastic doesn’t count on 10 companies green and wet behind the ears. It counts on the older men who started their big businesses and remember their TRIALS and ERRORS for packaging sake.

Mr. Campbell “what brought on waxed boxes for your soup?”

These men will answer and while answer publicly they will also get a Ford Light Bulb that may light up (just like that) All of a sudden, they are going back to the thinking conference table. Just one question will do it. Equiterre said to me: Festivals are costly. Therefore Equiterre never heard of those 10 companies with all the pledges and neither have I but I have heard of many companies using the plastics and foams without thinking of recuperating it. Why? I am the CEO of IBM and I kind of understand that 75 to 80% of the world population can not be bothered with our ways of disposals. Most people take the whole thing to throw and just place it in the trash can and thank you to the city something I am very happy about. What about their end? Apparently, the dilemma starts. This plastic is no good since it’s a number 7 or 8 or 6 or 2 – are we really asking for a consumer to look underneath and all around for the plastic number? Yes. Did it work? No. So why bother with numbers, rinse and throw in the recycling bin. At one time, the carton and paper was in one side and today all is together. Something happened here.

Let Unilever and other big brands like him ask – what is happening at your end, Mr. Mrs Plante and Equiterre Mayors of Towns in Canada and USA? Only Mayors can reply with the facts.

We are not able to meet the demands of recycling packaging from foam, plastics and boxes with gloss and with ink print. Univeler and other big brands like him will askother questions and maybe get involved in a more direct manner. Ways to dispose of will enter their minds since they are the ones who try their best to hide their fortune from audit so imagine how grand their imagination can get if they need to hide it from the government – all of a sudden, hands-on, they will all find a way or most of them will find a way and those 10 companies do not exist any longer since they will sort of behave the same way as 50 years ago. A good interior, a great label or a great appeal and the products still sell. Are we to expect containers of brands to be brought back at the store? How about trash being inspected and not picked up if it contains re-usables?

I say that Equiterre and UNESCO need to understand that United Nations do not all live these conditions even if they pretend to ask how did it escalate so fast and so high.

There is only one way for me to demonstrate what men are capable of and that is to leave North America with your opposition just to get voted in. It will last a longer time these schemes since people in North America live in the same boats. I never believed in boats I believed and still believe  in men – most disrespect them. Equiterre has the greater disrespect. Publicly saying that Festivals are costly – so people ate and it was free, so people drank it was free and they just left the pile of trash on the ground and the city cannot clean it up? Are we lacking personnel at the city, Ms Equiterre that if I would ever meet you I would know where to dump the trash so you can think faster than Unilever and other big brands like Campbell Soups. Live the dumps and throw away your conscience while you do like I do – pitch your proposals. See if anyone wants to comply.

I shall be somewhere else and do what needs to be done. Would that be a great deal or what – it seems like UNESCO and Equiterre are not interested not even PETA and the vets. Just picture it on television and maybe they did some documentaries and movies out of what I shall say:

Life: may it be vegetation, insects, fish, birds, wild and domestic life including us, humans – may it be measured by cost at all times, may you die only because on an infection if not treated immediately and this many doctors will affirm to with or without specialisation that one infection can not only be transmitted but even die from it if not diagnosed and dealt with. Pain should be managed and controlled when medication and other treatments are there and money seems to be in the way. Okay, I am still in that desire to leave North America to fend for their own and get rich – my daughter had to pay and she is so stressed. Was it all necessary? So far, no answer means all is well. When I do not hear from my son – it means no news good news. Okay.

When you won’t hear from me – it means no news good news. You will live out all that you can be with whomever you want and whomever you never wanted. Just like me. Instead you will live it out freely since all justice is no longer available in North America – it is not a business to be in North America and we shall conduct all businesses in other locations.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

July 21, 2019