Personnel Growth + Habitat by AG LANG

The Wild LIFE our Role Models.

WildKingdom Habitats

Here we see a Stampede

What is the Wild Life looking for?

Comfort and familiar grounds to following their instincts of survival.

Humans are the same. When we are born – on regular normally seen basis, we tend to stay around familiar scenes. We grow into adulthood and the scenes do not interest us anymore due to our instincts to go to seek beyond what is.

I would hear that in the country I live there are a few great places to live I would immediately search for them. At the time, when I as in my twenty's – none to be found in Canada. Therefore, I asked a relative to sponsor me in USA. It was growing at a faster pace and at the time, I wanted to be there.  I wanted the Green Card or Citizenship. I was sad to see that Canada was not recognised as part of the continent but as a foreigner from some other planet in the Universe. 

In Europe, Europeans are recognised as such. Most can work just about anywhere in Europe – temporary to permanent. Not to compare but that was my illusion of the times.

Maybe today I understand a little more what USA never really said about Canada being just another country with only one common factor, we share the same continent and we are Upper North of USA. We can still travel by land into USA but that is of no importance. Today, I realise that it is important to protect our borders. USA protected his borders because of England centuries ago and never let go of their memories. All Canada and USA saw back in those days were wars and complete misunderstandings. Never to repeat. Today, I say, what was denied back then was possible something I shall always be grateful for. I was not wanted then and I shall never be wanted again.

Now, to go straight to the nature of this post. Humans are they to become Nomads once again. Are we to seek locations where happiness can almost guaranteed? I believe that every individual will find a location that is not the same because their reasons belong to their age factors. In my twenties, I wanted a faster pace since I had these ideas that were multiplying. Then, I decided to stay put since it could not happen. I will stay in Canada. Where in Canada? There were thoughts of going West. I went visiting and I was not happy with the mentality of WEST. Too USA, Patriotism. All talk. There was a thought on our neighbours – Ontario. Nah, a little too snobbish. Then there was the idea to stay put in Quebec and take it from there. I was searching for some land. Nothing big but something to start one of my ideas. The money was not there and there was no way I could borrow for land only.

Today, I saw an article on Cisplatin Treatment giving Hearing Loss. It could be a joke. So much information was missing. Just like sums of money I never had while my ideas kept multiplying. When I get interested in some fantasy – the money is not there or/and the information is unavailable. It did not change. 

A little commercial break before I continue.

Therefore, I got older and never realised one of my fantasies. They are fantasies right now… while others, they live them out as good as they become or as bad as they can be delivered.

Going after happiness, a location, a habitat is part of life for most of us. While we are young we search for places. Most will not go far from their birth cities while others will go a little further. What we have is that instinct for survival. Where can I get most of what I need and where can I live out a lifestyle?

We have Canada but no real role models cities of yesteryears. They were called Quarters. French, English, etc… Quarters.

Some believed that it should not be like that and changed certain quarters around while the mentality remained. What changed here? The visual has changed not the mentality. "I do not see myself living around another race in number." Most of us said that without malintentions. We want to live with people we recognise. Our culture. Our mentality just like the Wild Life. They stick together. Lions are together. Zebras are together. It is not seen as a great habit for USA anymore yet, it happens in their states too. People stick together in population not necessarily because they LOVE each other. 

What makes a city an enjoyable location. First, your age. Second, what has been achieved in the past in your life. Third, is it time to settle with the best city or small city suburban area? It has bars? It has lots of jobs? It has lots of entertainment areas? It is easier life since it has nothing frivolous thus cheaper budget minded lifestyle? New housing and new roads with everything at a few steps away?

Are you a homebody or do you socialise? Fast pace or moderate happy go lucky? 

Our Governments never address these questions. They address housing – condos while the surroundings do not match these principles they set themselves in. I hear housing here and there, Ville-Marie Housing with no parking spots. I did not hear the rest of the story.  Ex: Housing with no parking while Shuttle Bus (es) are there to serve the condos with no parking. 

My kind of city for 40+

Not yet retired but moving strongly. Housing. No parking. Shuttle bus from condos to vicinities and airports. Where is my car? I do not have a parking spot. That I shall leave it to people like Canadian Tire. I have ideas in my own country and I have to keep them to myself since 99.999% are not interested right now, maybe later. 

Where would you like to live and why?

Nomad Life is at my doorsteps. I believe that when the heart and the mind never meet, the soul will always wander.

One of these, in every CITY of the World.