Pharmaceutically Speaking O.R. Anti-Cancer Spray by IBM Tech Eng.


What I noticed on the skin of the Papaya 

papaya2 The STEM part is green for a reason – He’s a transporter.

What does a transporter do? It permits the sieve to filter through. Does it work like AIDS from the stem of the branch of the tree and becomes HIV as a fruit? It may be the final phase then of the growth of the fruit and the part attached to the stem of the branch is not filtering anymore growth (hormones) Fruit will mature faster in warmer climate once removed or on the tree itself or on your kitchen counter. I do that because I want to eat it sooner.

  1. Prevents signs of ageing – noticed when I removed the sticker.
  2. Papaya is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and antioxidants like beta-carotene (mystery)
  3. Two of the reasons why FIBER can alleviate and reduce episodes of colon and prostate cancer.
  4. Enzyme called papain helps in regulating and easing flow during menstrual periods. (Anti-Inflammatory)
  5. AntiOxidants made of Papaya from a pharmaceutical is not out on the market yet and could prove to be a valuable companion to prevent certain degenerations. 
  6. Removal of tumour then applying a film of medication by spray or soft jet spray (brumisateur) 


  • Medication
  • Chemotherapy Solution
  • Vitamins in its alcohol 
  • Magnesium

serumbag accupunture-syringe


Various sizes and length extensions for Accupuncture needs / syringe style to insert in serum bags containing the solution to control the cancer as much as possible.

Biopsy always suggested and recommended at every location where this method is applied.

breastcancer2 breastright

  • The need to pull on the nodes/vessels may deem to be very necessary. A more advanced method to pull on the vessels/nodes to insert the liquid – insert to the end of the nodes and pull out – while pulling out the liquid will fill the cavity of the vessels / nodes. 
  • Ultra-Sound will give indication of result – colour may be used in the liquid to monitor its circulation. Lack of circulation – mass has established itself in the partitions of its walls.

This method should have been in place since Ultra-Sound was developed for the abdomen. Cancer of any level can be minimised and controlled with this method without the patient being under General Anaesthesia.


Papain in its alcohol If not possible finding something similar in chemistry. (Both possibilities – lab tested on animals by surgery – opening, taking a chunk and spraying the brumisateur.)


livermeta Stage3Lung


Every tumour that is or could be situated or lodged in an artery needs to be cleansed with a spray-jet then suction.

For most organs – sliver (thin slice off) surface and spray.

Some early stage of skin cancer – dry surface skin with a solution. Wait the time required before DermAbrasion techniques. Spray solution.

Scissors are used to puncture and contour certain tumours from underneath the membrane and all around or parts of it and just snip off – Spray solution. Redo if tumour is enormous.

Heart Cancer – snip off some of the tissues beneath the tumour as well to compare the stage or the beginning or early stage or any root that could be invisible to the eye and the microscope. The lens of the microscope needs to be far superior than what is already at hand. Then compared to other parts of the body found in other patients. Blood may also have some particulars resembling a cancer cell – if that would be the case, leukemia could be present and is just in its early stage as well waiting for maybe a virus.

Our new arrival: newspray The Evian Method in O.R.

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