Pharmacists Doctors Working with Health Data by CEO of IBM-TES


Your body and the shopping cart. Even a pharmacists gets inundated with questions. What should I eat and what should I take for my problems. I thought of something that can add to a drugstore experience other than adding items to the cart.

I heard that Kmart wants to reinvent the shopping experience and one commentator said, no, please – not online. So, I say with the most respect even Costco will have problems without this program. Yep, IBM is at it again.

Are researcher doing their job. I believe they are but when I eat certain foods with milk, I get an adversity or when I take a pain killer with another medication – I feel so sleepy. So what gives? The answer is possibly on target to even suppose that it looks like everyone is tired even people who make the most money. I would start with the drugstore. How many times has someone waited in line just to get a reply that the pharmacist is on lunch or break?

It happened to me a few times. Even if I would know the answer, it’s always safe to confirm, I am not a robot and people are not robots either because their diplomas and licence are visibly seen on their walls.

What I propose is a laboratory search library. Search, Find and Alternatives Secondary Effects, Adversities and Contra-Indication – Many will go against this method maybe because it’s too pricey.

The pharmacist can leave for his lunch or break in all tranquility – Someone is there for a few questions answered immediately. On the counter and at the laboratory.

All Drugs Index will go to files – colours.

Colours are there for – drugs to be sorted for their function and performance.

Sorting the similarities

Sorting the contra-indications

Sorting the adversities

Sorting foods and liquids (beverages with or without alcohol)

Finally, all the alternatives

TBA – personal files for NARCOTICS.

People forget what they read and it happens more often than we realize. We are no longer taking anything for granted that people who are really sick will consult that sheet of paper when the pharmacists gives it out and sometimes, he doesn’t. Bottom line, people forget when they are pressed for time and when they are basically tired.

This program does not replace the pharmacist – what it does is retrieves quicker the information the pharmacist needs to obtain or even the assistant needs to obtain quickly and inform the patient, client or doctor of the combination effects. At this point, the pharmacist may even suggest alternatives to the medication of a latter date or the new ones. The doctor is reassured that it can be administered safely and both are happy to see the customer, the client relieved that something can be done… because, that patient got some symptoms that the doctor forgot to consult before giving out the necessary remedy or prescription. A doctor can have this program as well should someone call for a consultation – Why? because the highlight will be there as the new prescription enters the computerized file – data processing.

The work is a little long at times while some programs already have files and maybe a few people can work on their body parts with colors.

We need remedies for every part of our body. Vets can also get this program. Consult the data entries and watch the highlights. It will transform into – suggestions and alternatives if the color is different from the original ones. The pharmacist will see it immediately as he enters the new medication (s) it will all line up. It is all for the good of a body, even the pharmacist is a friend of IBM-TES. And friends get tired too. The computer is all hardware and it will think faster than a human mind.

It is expensive. But when the original is all done up – it doesn’t mean it is completely done up. Modifications and novelties will be added in the course of life.