Planet of the Apes? Not sure! by IBM Tech Eng


Specimen BoBo – how many do we really need?

“Quite a few in female and male.” Explains CEO Adriana

“BoBo has been able to go to the moon and back why not go further for humanity?” She added.

It’s a matter of re-attachment to life for the human body.

Cutting from the throat down to the rectum and then re-attaching the parts from the body of an infant BoBo into another infant BoBo would give science an answer as to if the connections are successful known only in puberty and mating with or without (Spanish Fly) or whatever farmers use for horses and cattle.

Raccords synthetics will have to be used or be ready on hand for re-attachments.

A porous membrane needs to cover the entire new organs to the recipient and vacuumed in to permit the body to adjust to the new foreign body parts since gravity plays a big part while organs are sort of heavy and not fully attached.

Should these experiments succeed on BoBo specimens – more and more men/women will live.

BoBo provides faster and quicker answers to what could be done for longevity.

It is in the plans of Adriana, CEO of IBM Tech Eng. (Already started 2 years ago)

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