PolariseDigital VideoPhotos Lenses by Adriana CEO

The Extra 9 yards for much less. After all, we are all amateurs.

DigitalPolaroid  Lenses

Considering that Canon contents himself with little the following may shock him.

Camera Features:

All Digital plus Surprise Extras found in Menu

Stockage Storage (you buy size of memory non inclus)

USB Key (1)

Instant Photo 

Lense Advantage:  Programmable Lenses work with Camera or Solo



Every IBM-TES Camera for Amateurs has 3 lenses. 

Features are:

Lenses Wide Zoom Regular

  1. Sound 
  2. Visual Action 
  3. Programmed Speed for Action Photo
  4. Video with Programmable Speed
  5. Camera Instant Photos
  6. USB keys (2) Video and Photos
  7. USB Cable for Printer – Uploading to  iDevices.
  8. $250 non-negotiable. Amateurs Only.
  9. All lenses are reversible for selfies.
  10. I'll make mine more competitive with 2 receiver transmitter for sounds. Place wherever calculate your range. The Lense will call the receiver – all of a sudden there is a conference call between the video and the receiver. You can even be on your cell with IBM-TES – Video and Photos.
  11. Computerised Tripod Stand non inclus = IBM Stand feature programmable movements such as pivoting, lift and more.

It seems that Canon is here to serve the rich. He has forgotten the rich or richer can afford drones to do it all. They are lazy you see or you know. Not only that Professional Photographers will buy Canon and pay the premium. The Prestige. 

IBM-TES is working with simplicity with all the fanfare of a professional use only. We are here to stay and to sell.

The Printer could be a Canon or it could be an IBM-Amateurs. The quality of Paper and Color Ink does the trick. Gives all photos and videos that splendor that somberness plus with the photoshop of IBM-TES get all the touch ups and add-ons you wish. It comes with the Printer. 

Printer IBM-TES will be equipped with cable to iDevices.

Pause the VIDEO and Print the caption.

Keep links – hide links 

All Computerised Customised at your discretion.

Features and Extra Features

One Price – $500. 

 Ink ranges: $50 per ink jet (single) $$$ for set.

Paper: $10. ++  matte to gloss finish

Printer may look like this and make you laugh in hysteria. 


  • It is not Round! Don't expect it.
  • It is more rectangular Extensible
  • The Opening is adjustable 
  • Can print over a canvas 
  • Can print any finish paper 
  • Can print on wood
  • Can print on any fabric
  • Platform for soft tissue fabric and soft paper
  1. What you won't get: Paper Problems Jamming worse than a Jamaican. *
  2. CEO prefers to surprise you with future attachments. There will be room.

When I grow up, I will buy myself or get a Professional Use Only Camera because I know what I want. This is only for amateur. CEO knows that photography with no distribution for sales is very expensive.

There are no big promotion. The kit together or apart will still be the same price – circa 1200.$ 

Stand is computerised – it may be a little expensive. TBA.