Prince Charles vs Adriana LANG Obligations

May 31, 2015 Quebec Canada

To Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and whomever it may concern 😉

In early 90’s, it came to my attention that England was concerned about the safety and security of Canada. I was aware that Buckingham Palace was overseeing certain securities with the USA and possibly other countries.

I was left alone to make my own decisions and since that time, I have one single decision that I will stand by.

I never issued an ultimatum but and I do say but I have asked or requested Buckingham Palace to provide some information regarding the disappearance of John F Kennedy Jr. I never asked to find him – I asked to provide the methods used in order to find him. Per instance, should Monarchy lose trace of Prince Charles or Prince Andrew – how should the search be conducted?

I wanted answers and Buckingham British Intelligence has taken their sweet time in providing a simple reply. It is fair to assume that you are not interested or possibly incapable of a simple assistance.

How would you conduct a search and have you found the whereabouts of John F Kennedy Jr.? Yes or No would have suffice along with the search methods for the justice department as well as National Defense and Security to abide by with new rules and laws. How can I implement any action if you, England and Buckingham Palace cannot comply to a simple request.

You have now 24 hours to reply. It is not a threat but a simple request with a period of grace.



Quebec, Canada


Years ago, the Queen of England said on Television Publicly – “You marry who you love” This was said after the death of Lady Diana, wife of Prince Charles. Prince Charles was then seen with Camille, a divorced woman and his whore. Therefore, it is understood that Prince Charles married her.

Today, April 27, 2015 – I ask Prince Charles to find the man I love – John F Kennedy Jr. He has the mandate and obligation to trace his location – his financial accounts with every transaction providing dates and locations or routes. This information is called Tracing Missing People. I want that method to be legalised in every territory of England including my future territories.

Tracing John Kennedy the man of my future is telling me Charles that you can be fit to be by my side should you not find him. You have to provide all evidence that England could EITHER FIND HIM or NOT FIND HIM. With all due respect to the Queen of England, becoming the future Queen cannot meet any of the last rulership misconducts. I am not going to walk in the footsteps of treacheries against the nation called England. The UK deserves honesty at its most loyal levels and Prince Charles has not honoured its principles, its obligations or even its duties as a ruler.

When and if John Kennedy is found or not found, proper measures will take place. Till then, Elton John was told on Facebook to locate John Kennedy Jr for me. He always finds something or a little bit of source. Let’s see what you are made of now. It’s not a challenging request or is it? Word has it that I had psychotic episodes – Dr. Luis Cleto, psychiatrist Pierre Boucher Hospital circa 1992 said that via Joseph Di Tomasso former husband since 2002 – Married August 23, 1975 to January 6, 2002 – Our marriage has been annulled. He resides in Hong Kong since January 5, 1995. His salary is deposited in Hong Kong or ask Mr. Mark Aziz his employer. Revenue Canada has not received any declaration since 1995. You have 2 witnesses (legal) that our marriage has been annulled. Adriana (myself) told someone that I heard the voice of John  F Kennedy. My former husband said something that irritated me and to repeat is offensive after so many years. It is not a matter of confidentiality it is a matter of obligation.

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John F Kennedy             Adriana Grillo             Prince Charles & Camille

Any information as to where John F Kennedy is would be appreciated by the end of May (May 31, 2015) or the search is over and it is conclusive that it is truthful that the Eulogy did take place because of REAL evidence even if in my heart and mind, I feel that he is alive somewhere.


Adriana (LANG)

April 27, 2015

Boucherville, QC Canada J4B1G1

205 Thomas Chapais