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Almost 3 Million Over 60s Living Alone

The “Loneliness Epidemic” is affecting our elderly population

  • Almost 2 million women aged 60+ live alone in the UK
  • More than 1 million men aged 60+ live alone in the UK
  • South West of England has the highest percentage of over 60’s living alone

New research reveals almost 3 million over 60’s currently live alone and a number of them could be spending some of the festive season by themselves.

According to Psychology Today – Questions and Replies to SELF.

What a person must assess and do or act accordingly after self-assessment:

  1. Do not take it as there is a plan.
  2. This part of developing a plan is to identify your “trouble times” for loneliness as they are felt.

It might be evenings, weekends, or holidays – I…

Have a plan in advance for these times.

State AGE. Gender. Marital Status.Working Status

Simple – 40 yrs old. Male. Single Never been married or cohabitation. Bus Driver Today for 30 years.

If I chose – No plans for weekends – skip.

If I chose – Plans reply.

On weekends: I make plans with friends or family

A) I always agree on decision for museums, concerts, bike rides, guided walks, church or synagogue events, or connect with people on or other sites.

B) I am more often the leader of these plans. Most agree.

When it comes to spontaneity:

A) I do turn into a tourist for a day or a night. Or my friends and I decide not to be so brave and pretend we just came off a bus tour.

B) I would rather plan some videos to watch, music to listen to, attend a yoga class, join a health club, take up a hobby.

Are you an A or a B.

Write down some of the thoughts that you have when you are lonely. These might include thoughts like those above, or the following:

  • I will always be alone (usually seen early in life – won’t change)
  • If I am alone, I have to feel lonely and unhappy. (same as above – usually felt and lived early in life)
  • I must be a loser, because I am alone. (not always precise. this person may not like losing when applying her plans)
  • I can’t stand feeling lonely. (feels that shared experiences are worth more than living it alone)
  • If you have these thoughts, thenlike millions of other people who feel stopped in their tracks blame it on  loneliness or it is only perceived as loneliness. I see it as people who prefer SHARED EXPERIENCES.

The idea perceived here by a Chief in Psychiatry is the person is often categorized as the lonely and depressed person. In psychiatry, depression is a sad state and it sure is. What fails here is its benefits and its facilities.

Who are these people living alone and are perceived as being lonely and unhappy? Reread the questions for assessment. I feel that these statements start early in life. Some or most of them are in a relationship when these feelings start to show and felt. At least one of the partners feel it. My former husband said: We never talk. When we did talk a little or a little longer – it ended with never mind I don’t know why I ask, why I say what I say – never mind. It was growing into all kinds of indication the man was not only unhappy being with me or married with children but he felt lonely in the relationship. Today, his wife (he’s with someone else) never leaves his side. At one time, it felt as if I was that 3rd wheel in our marriage.. He left and he sure knows how to act out his sort of happiness with the second marriage.

I do have a sister who doesn’t like being alone and would like to be remarried for the 3rd time. Both husband and sister believe that we were not compatible as a sister and as a wife. Therefore, they were in bad relationships. My sister for the longest time believed in shared experiences just like my former husband. Basically, they believe that compatibility starts with ingredients both parties enjoy. Both like their freedom. Both enjoy shared experiences. Dating Sites emphasize it. Hobbies.Likes.Dislikes to meet people with the same needs. It’s true.

Where are they these people who meet the criterias? Scattered.

What is Princess Ann, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew need to do?

The Empress and Queen of Economy UK has a few solutions.

First the assessments and then “we are moving”

She is developing neighbourhoods. Apparently millions of people occupy many zones. Many are over 60 years old.

  1. First – non-working class and living by their lonesome.
  2. Facilities include:
  3. Doctors – Nurses
  4. Entertainment
  5. Working Class Senior Citizenship
  6. Assessment of cognitive (cognivity) the dictionary does not recognize cognivity. So I just added for the second time.
  7. People who can work at a bistro
  8. People who can work at the infirmary
  9. People who can work at the theater
  10. People who can work at the tavern (food and drinks)
  11. People who can work at the grocery stores
  12. People who can work at the retail stores
  13. People who can work at Adult Classes
  14. ETC… as assessment finds them.

It is almost easy to imagine that what is written above is realizable (french for realize-ability) If any of these people in assessment do not want to move – the assessment was not for them or they lied in their claims.

What these facilities bring out is the need to share experiences while keeping in check, SELF. I want to live out m nights watching tv by myself but going to work at the bistro was great for my self-esteem, my ego. I value time while I can share experiences with others when I choose to.

Why it fails. Wrong claims. Wrong perceptions. Prejudiced Conclusions.

Along the lines of a good assessment, 80% of people assessed – will move to better pastures to realize self-fulfillments

stand being alone also doesn’t make sense. It may be true that you don’t like being alone, but it’s the way you relate to it that matters. If you relate to loneliness with protest, anger, desperation, or defeat, then it will be unpleasant. It might be more helpful to relate to it with the idea that feeling lonely or being alone comes and goes and that it is something we all cope with. Accepting what is might be better than catastrophizing something we all experience.

  • 6. Direct compassion and tenderness toward yourself.
  • Rather than thinking that you need to rely on others for love, acceptance, and compassion, you might direct these thoughts and feelings toward yourself. This can include acts of lovingkindness toward yourself such as making yourself a healthful treat or buying yourself a simple gift; directing loving thoughts toward yourself by giving yourself support for being who you are and by being your own best friend; and by recalling a loving person from your childhood (your mother, grandmother, father, aunt) whom you recall showing tenderness toward you. Taking care of yourself and soothing yourself is a wonderful antidote for loneliness.

    7. Build a community of connectiveness.

    We all need some connection with other people — or even animals. So many people — friends, family, patients — have told me how much love and connection they experience with their pets. So consider getting a cat or a dog. Or go to your local animal shelter and offer to volunteer. One woman I know volunteered for several months at a shelter, “socializing the kittens.” Talk about great work to have.



  • In this new neighbourhood – pets are free to roam around. Shelters and foods distribution by people who feel that need to nurture until whoever is in administration sees that the people are the same and they can start gaining grounds by keeping animals at their homes or apartments wherever since all has been accounted for.
  • There is NO volunteer work. Everyone gets paid. Self-assessment will also tell anyone that a little money goes a long way when a person is alone. It buys small things of their choice not because the nurse or the doctor asks a member of the family to bring something that their patient needs.

    In this neighbourhood – all is provided. Some will want to share the experience to shop for it. Pay for it. They have their own credit cards with their SSN. Everything is allowed.


Being alone means you can choose. Some will even leave this neighbourhood to return back home. Evolution. I prefer evolution with self-realization than pushed by just about anyone to perform tasks all by myself when I prefer SHARED EXPERIENCES.

Could a neighbourhood such as this well-thought planned one change perspectives and POV while in function. Can people decide to leave even when in full interaction with others? Are they really lonely or we just assessed them to be (lonely)?

If a lonely person looking outside and feeling loneliness to then moving them to a new neighbourhood with quasi-like environment and all their belongings a good idea if this very same person repeats the same actions – looks at life through her window for familiarities and not to participate, is this a right move?

How many assessments are we looking at.

2 only

  1. The person answers to the questions verbally and written formats.
  2. The person needs assistance. One can not pre-judge. It can be just shyness mixed with low self-esteem.

After: 2 assessments completed. Act out what is going to become a way of life at the new neighbourhood. If a person doesn’t like being bused around to work, to chosen work, to chosen relationships for hobbies or for entertainment or for paid help somewhere – paid work, paid relationship. Something is wrong somewhere. It needs another assessment here now. Are we just in time for another way of life for people who dislike reclusions but prefer it to the cold wind outside? Mental Fatigue. Okay, Mental Fatigue it is and what are we going to do about it.

I am forming a mental fatigue called sadness – subjected to forms of mental cruelty. Many live it. Many do not like it. I certainly don’t. What do you propose?

Nothing at the moment, I suppose.

Mental Fatigue may lay dormant like a virus. Erupt when IS is at its weakest. I am so glad everyone is very strong because the enemy out there is very very very strong.

I propose our children and our grand children be the judge of the people who contribute into Mental Fatigue.

If they can and I survive this – it will trigger a spontaneous response ATTACK.