Profiling NeuroTransmitters and NeuroHormonalChromosomes Autism by CEO of IBM-TES


Scientifically Profiling

Every PowerPoint Feature Trait lives out its Disorder

What doe sit look like inside is nothing like what it looks like outside.

Let us take a closer look by placing These Found Genes for every trait on a white canvas and connect the dots. 

We are now drawing the WebWoman the WebMan 

His veil is being revealed. 

His nerve connections are meeting or not meeting or have met short term.

Every PowerPoint Nerve Connection Neuro Connected has a power energy nuclei to make it stay and continue staying a certain way. 

Let us look at the fetus now. What do  the facial traits resemble on this canvas

How much space between during development and a kid of 4 to 7 years old?

Show me the canvas of the painting of the Traits Interior vs Exterior Fetus to 7 years old.

Draw the exterior facial features and the interior.

Computer will have both – its negative and its full image.

With FutureNow Intervention Scan XRay to see that even the Genes are changing.

Genes are like the motorisation of the syndrome ACTIVE or PASSIVE

Active – define patient

Passive – define patient

Provoked – define patient to find if both active and passive conflict provoking aggressiveness that is not there. Only provoked. Then, aggressive that is there when or not provoked.

Autism + Down Syndrome

During development – Hormones Fusion with Chromosomes. Xx factors combine. 

Symptoms of this Syndrome

Trouble Relating to Others who don't understand them

Sensitive to Sounds – tired digestion and heart circulation

Struggle with Change most children young and adults have this – autism anything they are not ready for they rebel against more assertively 

Speech or Nonverbal Delays it could be a good indication of something more than volunteer withdrawal – retraction X ? Is it a form of a sense that needs more of a development a certain stimuli.

Hyperactive or Passive depends on fatigue of digestive system and heart circulation

Attached to Objects is about timing. The kid is not ready to change or separate. In English: the kid is not willing to move on with something else to explore likes to stay connected to something someone the kid knows very well.

Most kids want to watch the same movies. Read the same story. As if most kids want to know the movie, the story very well identifying or emphasising points kid knows very well and understands very well. The question would be when questioning: which character does my kid like the most? Which circumstances make my kid react? No need to ask why. He is just a kid.

Lack of Safety it is not a symptom in itself even adults with no signs of autism are careless or else that fucking insurance company wouldn't exist.

Inappropriate Emotions familiar to fatigue in digestions and in heart circulation.

Aloof when not interested stuck on familiar objects, stories and viewing. Will not talk. Will not even listen. 

Science is taking a closer look at development's fusions not it was an oversight; it was not being done because of unawareness instruments were not suitable or appropriate. Today, we are looking at xRay Video in motion while development is going on ZOOM of only a certain species. Chimps. My BoBo. 

When we are formed during development; is it already seen that we are completely female or completely male. 

Aggressive composure – the kid is not ready for a change which could be going to bed at a certain time. Returning an object in its Toy Boxes. Or, very ready for the parent or brother or sister and they are not. 

What's at play here: Very self-absorbed. 

When kid is aggressive for attention it is a little beyond me here. How was that kid treated when asked to make a change in his behaviour or his attention – pushed around told repeatedly it is time to go to bed it is time to stop looking at something. Autism is just as familiar scenes as a kid without it. 

Psychologist of Behaviour Adaptation believe to occupy autistic kid with various objects views and exercises – not to let the kid get too stuck on one or two objects educational or not. 

What I see – withdrawal because incapable of transmitting. Then a big transmission stemming from nowhere as I would recall it. 

Perception vs Transmission is this kid hearing me? What do I do. Nothing much. Read to the kid. Give the kid assortments of objects. Let the kid choose. Make it bigger than adult images. Let the kid use his fingers to touch what he sees. Observe. Be patient. I saw very passive. 

Since I never lived with them there was one thing that stayed on my mind – impatient people with busy schedules. Psychologist believing that the kid is 50 years old and this is just a stubborn reaction.

This being said: There are other factors contributing to other real symptoms reflecting nothing here but teenagehood full of withdrawals full of extrovert motions sounds aggressiveness. How much is in that paranoia silent without depression or with depression? 

Object: Chromosomes Hormones Development Expansion Retraction 

  • Short term to Long term. 
  • Implants of Chromosomes StemCells 
  • Implants of Hormones StemCells
  • Criss-Crossing xX instead of Xx  – reducing its potency
  • Optic Nerve and beyond all around is being affected – stumping its capabilities in their neurotransmitters. 
  • Corrective Tissues in NeuroTransmitters themselves would be idealistically seen 
  • Kids between 5 to 7 will have a quasi-normal facial feature sooner than someone way in past teenagehood. 
  • NeuroTransmitters are questioned.


When possible this film would be of an advantage denotes fevers and other malformation as it starts to find a closure.

The whole motorisation of the body functions – compare to normal behaviour from kids considered normal behaviour and not adults.

Organ Repair and Implants of StemCells where applicable

Reversing the Chromosomes by Tricking them 

First understand them. In older adults those chromosomes will change. Female or/and Male both will go through changes or a slow decline of development since hormones are seeing a decline in its course or circuit in circulation.

Giving hormones only cannot be the only intervention here.

xRays during development reveals that they all come together at a certain strength at a certain time during the development.

Before Heart Formation entry of Minerals – Reproduction – Endocrine System etc

After Heart Formation analysis of said minerals, hormones, chromosomes. 

The ratio of it all is not easily seen or else we would not even be thinking of what went wrong. It goes by ratio measure in time for ultimate slow growth into adulthood around 25 yrs old for complete formation to then see a stability in XX:XX ratios To see a downfall of those giants to keep us in a stable normal condition favourable optimal for a good life. Can be combatif enough for mild causes of pain such as headaches, digestive problems, irritable moods caused by circumstances enhanced by hormones of youth. The we have the descent as bad as the ascension of these contributors to good health – the body is being stressed. 

Answers: X ….. TBA

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