Psychology Self-Analysis Today by Adriana CEO Science

Objectives: Coping Temporary Discomforts Emotional/Physical

I started the topic with the word Temporary and its definition as I know is:

Emotions that come and go with a long interval in between

Physical discomforts or/and pain that come and go with long intervals in between

Note: this post does not contain the words – ongoing / permanent

The way to begin this self-analysis is to get your home as organised as possible. Some homes are more organised during the winter months since most people who have an income live in a house with landscaping to take care of. Then, we have people who live in condominiums or/and apartments who have others take care of it.

The starting point is the moment you are organised. The interior visible to your eyes is pleasant. The exterior that you are responsible for is also reasonably pleasant. Once this is done you proceed to step two.

Step two: when symptoms of emotions / physical discomfort and pain appear put the symptoms on paper that is divided with a line in the middle.

On the left side write the symptoms and on the right side be truthful to yourself. Write how you felt prior these symptoms and what you did and who you were in contact with prior these feelings and pain.

Example: Today, June 5, 2016 I am in pain, a little fever and little allergic.

Justifications + Reasons: Bad posture. Lack of exercises (floor exercises and not low impact or jogging and walking) unused muscles pulling on demands to pick up and carry heavy loads. Not remembering that I must do certain moves before picking up a load.

Basically – my home is organised – the exterior is getting done and now, I must see it through. I may feel bad again.

I will take ASA or Tylenol before I go to bed.

I still need to finish my work.

This is all written down with date and your own handwriting. Check your handwriting. Usually, the handwriting tells you something else. I am tired! Sloppy handwriting. Write it down the next time you need to self-analyse.

Emotions and how to deal with them – very touchy subject. I heard some stories that can make anyone wonder what the hell is going on. Everybody is living the life of the SOAPS like Days of Our Lives – All My Children and whatever is playing. They sleep together and they pick each other and say, hey, I really like you just not to be alone.

Therefore, see if that meets your lifestyle. It doesn’t meet mine but if my grandmother were alive she would say something like: they have a better life maybe. Why get married. She likes sex and she likes her freedom but boy, would she frown if they both live together just for sex and not wanting to be left alone.

Are we both old folks old fashion? Think about it. I don’t feel I am. I feel strong. I feel that I have self-respect. I feel that I have self-confidence. Many profess that when you achieve these standards in life you are the most successful person on earth. I say: No. These standards do not guarantee success materialistically speaking and status speaking. I have been waiting for years – there is always someone blocking my path. I have a new path now. Others heard of it but never saw it. They never will.

On that note: Have a great week. Wonderful for my plants and my grass 😉


I can’t wait to meet this guy. He reflects the signs of high intelligence vis-à-vis to what I have seen. Can compare his intelligence with the looks of certain men – but boy would I love to find him.

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