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Yellow flowers are in bloom and they are called Dandelions

White flowers are seeds of this plant.

When politicians get together an expansion of manure is found in their distorted brain.

See this page for more photos and reasoning of this applied method in business and political financial flush.

IBM Tech Eng is capable of modifying this behaviour by introducing treatments that necessitate chemicals. It will eliminate the flowering weeds in the entire city. The seeds travel and if a property owner pays every year for treatments he is not obliged to pay for everyone else.

It will be mandatory for the politician to allow the chemicals to be re-introduced to the municipal laws and bring back a balance in the integrity of these said politicians. It cost the property owner money and time and it allows him to freely enjoy his home. The politician does not take anything into account but to re-distribute money from the paycheck of a worker back into the unemployed (high) Welfare recipients and other needy sectors of every city. IBM Tech Eng wants to minimize all these unceasing discomforts which are needless and mentally overtaxing. Should we all take a vacation to Cuba here in Quebec?

As soon as IBM Tech Eng puts in place this program towards embellishment of your town; every city must buy the products and use them. The city must employ people for this use only. This is not a riot or anything close to it. It’s mandatory.

I will not pay for everyone anymore. You don’t have to read this or do anything. I am not at the position where I have to be and now, here is a wake-up call.

*HINI or something like that (FLU) I heard that I had to have a vaccination which I didn’t want in the first place. Then, I also heard that there wasn’t enough to go around. Politicians forget that even them could suffocate in these terrible times – FLU or WEEDS cannot be controlled, since when?

*Politicians should perish and be all eliminated from every country when they don’t see anything or do anything after they are elected. It seems that if we, the citizens, do not vote, we lose our rights. Then, I want to lose my rights of whatever they may be.

Weeds and Flu are in parallel I suppose but end results is the epidemic behaviour is ongoing. Unstoppable for politicians since their brains are always on idle.

Every city will receive a notice to purchase the treatments until everything is corrected – The cost is yet to be determined but it is in construction.

We have another issue that can be regulated or minimized and it’s called Allergies to pollen and weeds.

Pollen claritine

reactine allergymedication


Why not contribute to research? Contributing to research will help all these pharmaceuticals localise the real allergies instead of masking them. Are we all allergic to weeds and pollen? I feel that when herbicide will be introduced to every city, this is the start of an allergenic control. The herbicide treatments can last only 2 years but the fertilisation can be organic or eco-friend as prescribed by the existing laws.***

***To Politicians

NON-COMPLIANCE to this regiment makes you liable to damages incurred because of stupid neglects that can be stopped with these approaches. If your citizens do not wish pay their taxes, they will be in their rights. If you do not purchase the products and cannot find employees (we procure the products) your citizens will receive a bill. We could cut grass first and make the necessary applications. The invoice will serve as a service and can become a credit towards their property taxes and every terrain occupied by the city will receive the treatments and we (IBM Tech Eng) will not wait for you to tell us (IBM Tech Eng) when to apply the treatments and we shall bill you, the cities.

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Chrismas 1989

Many will point out that I need to be married to a lawman but maybe 

I just didn’t meet him yet.

May 20, 2015

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If anyone is caught selling this propaganda and its methods – they will have to pay 90% of NET PROFIT and show proof to IBM Tech Eng that this method is originally theirs (the said companies if and when)

to IBM Tech Eng. Prescribed by laws in Quebec, New Brunswick and New England (USA)