Questions Answered for Children Books Croyance Beliefs Religion by Adriana

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What is a sin?

As I grow up with my parents around. I will have to tell them:

What I feel

What I hear

What I see

I will have to tell them everything that bothers me. 

I will have to tell them everything I like

I will have to remind them that they have to keep their word when they promise me something.

I will have to wait for their explanation when they believe that I was very disrepectful since they explained to me – the meaning of respect.

Respect and Category

I shall respect my body in moderation

I shall respect my sleeping quarters

I shall respect my clothes as great or as meager as they can be

I shall respect everyone around me older and younger than me

I shall try to become as knowledgeable as possible

Purposes of this book: Comprehension Development Orientation

These are the headlines in my book, trying to keep it as fun and informative as possible would be the hardest task. Children are our best critics. They are not always fooled or the fools we perceive them to be. They have a better memory. The parent doesn't have to yell anymore when the discipline is there – only a frown at home or in public will suffice. Most children will be at that level around 5 yrs old.

Parents who work and need children babysit. I cannot do anything about it yet. The moment I can I will. To make a good environment out of what we are living – I need facts. In every sector, we need facts. We need to see where to take and where to give. We need to be in sync, at all times, with growing demands.