R2D2 Improvements via IBM Tech Eng. by Adriana

Two(x) Circuits – Routes and Trajectories

Show that for a lengthwave for short circuit and range factors (x) transmissions

R2(x) D2(x)

Phonia 2  Circuit 2 = R2 /D2

Range 2   Depth 2 = D2/R2

This Skype Download is top-secret to a few.

Called:  PhoniaSkype Dehabilitator for Multi-Functionals Use Only AKA PhoniatoGraphy

Choices of View Only or Sound Only – per your specs.

Price: Credit Card only – One Cellular or Landphone only. Per Download.

For security purposes:

  • Pop-Up will appear for user to decline or accept further updates if/when made available
  • Your Cellular or Landphone will ring and give out secret code matching some of your telephone numbers.


R2d2 R2D2 finished product still under construction. Funds and Economy in Crisis.

IBM Tech Eng Cellular under Construction

IBMcell  Button Control with only one wavelength appeal ——-0——– Take photos with touch button inside cell platform – above control button. Designs with personal specifications are options but can be made available with orders of 1000 cellulars or more.

Chrismas 1989 Adriana