Rainwater Collection Above-Underground Walls Tanks Rivers and Lakes by CEO of IBM-TES

It seems that the Empress of China words carry a lot of weight.

It is nice for them to export it in the vicinity but not for British Territories Colonies of Spain and France. 

Rainwater Collection semi-equipped 


What needs to be added are detectors on a track.


Monitor Connections Cable Trap Doors with Faucet to Faucet Einstein methods.

Stainless Steel or Clay Baked 

or Both. 

Going Ergo is not the only solution it is just one of the solutions since soil shock resistant is not possible or to be taken for granted. If there is a shock and its after-shock those tanks need to be standing.

Pipelines of good ergo clay, glass and stainless steel with ceramics/marbles would be ideal at least from a certain ground level to the dwellings while the other side where earth/soil/underground could be less than the desired counting on a few years can be promptly dealt with not redoing the whole entire system reducing time and money. 

One portion of the pipeline of good quality while where earth soil underground is swampy or very soft or very unreliable lesser quality. The weight itself around should that become the case will just change the shape of a very good quality pipeline. It is economical to replace a few parts than to replace the most reliable Detector Monitor Rainwater supply. 

Tanks and Pipeline. Solar Power. 

On Poles – above ground – underground System working on chain reactors alone or together never all together only.

Turks and Caicos apparently is one of them.

Since, at this moment, I am only dealing with older islands I cannot replace any system in Turks and Caicos, an island Club Med preferred at the same time as I saw it. Great minds think alike. He had the funds while I did not. 

Just venting. Just blowing steam. I really am not concerned over this issue. No matter how anyone cuts it. People need Engineers Science Advanced Development Methods and if its just a question of time, I'll make more money than all combined. 

Water Collection Preservation with pipeline. 

Fancy this notion!

Every step is a tank spilling from top to bottom to the last tank with pipes and faucets valves – on – Auto-Detectors. 

How many depends of the hill. How deep can you drill your long excavation.

An engineer will need to see that in its lengthitude it may just work if the top tank starts from the bottom of a hill. By measuring depth – tanks can be built. The only tank is on the hill while others are buried for coolness and freshness to be used promptly. 

We are eliminating water bottles. To recover the cost in a few years depends on how much was used in the last 10 years. Results in 10 years with this new system.

Not counting all the water used for showers. I am not sure of this since I did not taste the water of the toilet bowl. In these islands was it possible to get water from the ocean to then send the flush waste somewhere else? No matter what, only a few hotels and few homes will get this system. I need to see how we can place a system out there that could bring in more water than used. 

I see other potentials here. Cooling Heating System Step-Tanks 

Water Filters – Sterilize

Some Tanks will see different methods. Around clinics and restaurants.

Rainwater is not to be taken for granted what we do not consume from our lakes and rivers can be put to further use when needed. Walls and Tanks for overflow in our cities in Canada.

Thoughtful people told me through their thoughts – put your mind to rest – it's all done. I know who they were – former workers at Microsoft. One of them told me that – why don't you tell me, we may already have it. I hung up without any further questions, comments or interests.

I am so happy that this one is done.

Computer Age is here. Accept it.

I almost floor faint the moment I walk in a grocery store with computerised cash registers to one day find out these stores want no more cashiers. Well, geez, how many did you have in the first place. I always had to wait. When I go to Canadian Tire, I still have to wait and I see the self-cashier system is sort of UNOCCUPIED. Maybe it should be a toilet with a sign, Occupied. Everybody needs it, just like that. The toilet is OCCUPIED. The self-cashier is OCCUPIED. I want to go through!!!!

I prefer cashiers with a little instruction – instructionables. Morons please find your job at Amazon they hiz hiring people just like you.

Amazonia Trades – should a few cashes have this method – it's because the Android is programmed to reply to someone live at customer service who will be collecting dust I plan to make it affordable, accessible with the least amount of nonsense supplying as much information the internet could. Did you see the girl or the guy at customer service. Serves customer service and Rapid Cash only 8 items or less. She could find the time to serve as a cashier at the counter itself and answer automated questions. Thanks 

The easiest one. Should all cities suffer from Water Sanctions?


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