Rayovac + IBM for Street Sanitation + Electronic-Electric Streets by CEO IBM-Environment


As we know, times passes and competitions increases. Therefore, not to overtax the same companies; I have decided on an impulse to go with someone very well known with a good or fair reputation. Rayovac. Has been a household name for years. From homes to cars.

Staying in the battery and recharger business only could bring this company to a halt – competition and versions of its distribution in energy will modify with the needs for robotisation in our environment.

Since I believe insulation plays a big part in these new concepts in our environment – Planning with allowances and allotments would be a best practice as far as priority goes.

We have here a few departments where IBM and Rayovac will play a big part together – what is not seen here in North America. The streets need to be replaced once in a while into the streets will be lego-repaired. No more of (à la longueur) Lego-Blocks are removables. Where there is the regular damage 2/3 of the street from side to side – shredded street and roof asphalt recycled to mix with other materials in order to produce the required paved stones.

Some streets will be our priorities since I want the whole concept to reflect – Damp Proof and Thermal Insulation. That means water is a big factor and so is the weather. Preferred streets are in one large block. Most traveled. Sidewalks and streets will have the required lamp posts with what else does it do, with more to come emplacements directly in the lamp posts connecting cables to Rayovac new Brackets etc… no need to go into blueprint details.

Should where it is a rush job become successful – more streets are to be placed on Task to Execute. Within 2 years, because of the streets locations, will give us an idea who can buy it.

Damp-Proof & Thermal with possibilities of recharging electrical hybrid cars wherever because it was parked. New system is to just inject to fuse. I have seen some and I want to just sway away – everything is so large therefore risks of sparks to shoot back at the driver can be enormous as much as it can be rare for certain models of cars. Wide mouths, wide openings with insertions to enter 3-4-5-6 outlets is possible. It depends of the mounting and grounding.

When that becomes available – IBM tells Ford Chervrolet GM Chrysler that if they did what they did – it’s all for them. My department will never go into affordables and perishables. I prefer a good 10 year guarantee on a $10,000 car for youth and seniors. The rest buy whatever you want.

To go back to the purpose of this post. There is sanitation for these streets and Rayovac IBM will only hire inspectors who will have forms to fill with every street that is cleaned up. Illustrations of possible breakage etc… to circle and address to print on. Their jobs are valuable to Rayovac and IBM since hands-on quick analysis is being done and someone will return to the scene and apply the necessary repairs or/and replacements.

Rayovac is to prepare the entries to the recharging system and Camera functions is done by someone else that IBM will choose at the said appropriate time.

These concepts is to carry on with a brand well known to others not just to me. Batteries will one day reflect that unified look and Rayovac will just get older and give up. Plus, working for Hydro Quebec (lamp posts) can take you further than anyone ever imagined.

Never give up on a good mind.