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Days of Self-Cloning Self-Control are near or am I optimistically inclined into believing that I will see that day? Deist. In the practice Practical Method of Hypnosis into Reform. 

Insects and Animals eating their own species.

Objectives to bottom objectives are all about finding out what the third generation of the said species reveal. Continuously eating their own species. Because the Bible is only a source and not the encyclopedia – I would like to add to the reasons of digestions of same species. What it may mean. 

It is possible to believe that in its raw form ingesting human blood or/and intravenously ingesting human blood itself in its whole composition full of its complete organisms may not be the ideal solution for more permanent re-establishment. 

Years ago, Japan was secretly introducing to the world of Science, the possibility of ingesting some characteristics of the not quite embryonic stage of the egg/sperm combined. Only the first acquisitions of what our Genes may need to stimulate or preserve the pituitary gland. 80's. 

Stimulation of the said gland in order to keep it vibrant smooth in function. It was said that this said gland prunes up or shrinks. Japan was not the only country along this interest. 

Eating humans may not be the solution but then again what does cannibalism do to our bodies? We are still in the dark. Some people may still do this. Immoral or morally good we still do not know. 

Recently or not that long ago, research was all about the cells of the human body as it multiplies combines and interact in order to complete a growth into a full development of all cells connected to life in the human body. Maintenance from 25 to 40 to see a decline. 

What research is putting in the clarity of it all is HOW and HOW. = Abilities to grow, digest, space out for growth or maybe we may call it now regenerate into a growth. How much space between cells? How much stimulation for each cell (different) 

Ingesting Chromosomes, Hormones and Sources of start up of minerals and metals digestions are possibly not the total answer since it will have to be repeated all the time. Humans Plants have one thing in common NURTURE. 

Even if this is a good idea and may only keep our already acquired alive a little while, more needs to be ingested. 

Compliment of this source plus implants live stem cells or / and other nutrients directly from our good cells to re-implant into our body maybe another source of re-establishing the same order. The cell is possibly in that "adult formation regeneration" to last the time it lasts. As the human body grows, it grows not matter the height. It is possibly the same phenomena with a sense of timing. 

The moment Science can give out TimeTable of Cells – growth into digestion into space if any into the regeneration of same cells and possibly new growth of similar but not same in combined formation mutation or just plain new from a younger generation of the body itself. Do all chromosomes react immediately? Do they all react differently? Do they all have the same TimeTable – What are chromosomes attached to? Whatever they are attached to "what is their life expectancy?"

Chain Reaction and their own perspective life expectancy. When Genes connect, find everyone time frame time table of today as we see it to compare to what we can idealise in the near future. 

Idealisation is all about what it could be a little unreal but closer than the practice of Optimism in my book.

Optimism for me means – years will go by and a great method will be developed or much money will accumulate in your bank account while idealistically speaking we see what we have and would like to bring it to its maximal levels more than normally seen and more than normally performed. Idealism – I prefer the idealistically practice of seeing hearing motion (ing) what we already have while adding some other values such as live implants with the aid of some technology. 

Idealistically speaking must we realy on our stomach pancreatic chain reaction to nourish our body into conditioning and reconditioning when going straight to the sources may be that practice called idealistically performed Intervention for growth and maintenance. Before todays' practices there was bleeding out of certain disorders. Then giving back the blood it lost. One day enter into the paths of blood for introduction of new ingredients. Gases to induce sleep. We see today local treatments. 

Compare from text books of those days to today's practices – which ones give out more time for repair, more formed cells called normal – more years to the repair? 

One century of knowledge to compare with one century of Science in the making.

What applies to Humans Creatures and Earth is only phenomena – our Oxygen/Waters and the rest will grow FutureToday can give out weak dosage of Solar Power to do the rest. 


We found out – La Nature Morte et La Planète Terre work together. Cancers and Normal Cells work together. Both are in a condition, nowhere to go. How do I digest what the earth finds repulsive – nowhere to go? How do I transform it and put it into a transit – whereto? Science FutureToday.

Human Body Creatures and Earth: Overfeed earth to burn your vegetation even too much manure will burn the roots and the stems of the plants. Same goes for the Human Body.

Good take one and give me one too.

OBJECTIVES: Cloning and synthetising Proteins, Enzymes, Plasma, Platelets for derma renewal.

DO NOT give to Cher or Madonna and people like her. Ask for a CV in Scientology.

Because this is a Case Sensitive – it is possible to encounter a possibility that it needs to carry the same genes as the recipient. Therefore it would take about 6 months to see if this study can be made with external (GENES) or same parent genes.

First tests to be performed on older skin. If among you, there are some who are willing to try it. Please do.

Embryo at 9 month gestation – Amniocentesis of the Placenta and Blood Samples.



Also, try with urine (lactose) with or without.

I heard someone mention that Monsanto was able to do something. I was very proud and would like to tell you thank you for proving me right.

Chrismas 1989

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