Reasoning Strategic Patterns of Anti(s) IBM Tech ~ Science

Cipro, Levaquin, and other Quinolones

  • Arrhythmia (heart rate rhythm is too fast, too slow or irregular)
  • Tendon ruptures (more likely in those also taking corticosteroids)
  • Changes in blood sugar levels (which can be dangerous for patients with diabetes who take oral medication for hypoglycaemia, which is low blood sugar)
  • Neuropathy (a kind of nerve damage which can cause pain and numbness, and can also affect internal organs in some cases)
  • Central nervous system problems (such as insomnia, seizures, anxiety, paranoia, nervousness or agitation)

Antibiotics can save lives and improve health, but their safe use requires “substantial evidence of effectiveness to justify any potential harm.”  The number of people harmed by these drugs would be reduced if several precautions were taken.

At this point, I have not yet seen the study on that. An article can be read here

Obvious to moi, hormones are being targeted. Cartilage and tendons within muscle rigidity. Leading to central nervous system causing pain and numbness (regularly seen with prolonged usage and combination of other medications)

Antidepressants from the group of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors can at the beginning of administration as monotherapy also have pro-suicidal effects in patients with hints of suicidality (tendencies without visible actions only based on verbage) or suicidal behaviour, by increasing the intensity of already present suicidal predictors, such as dysphoria/anxiety, impulsiveness, agitation etcetera and so on and so forth. Anti-psychotics can act stimulatingly upon predictors of suicidal behaviour, that is, pro-suicidal in an indirect way through side effects they cause indirect pro-suicidal neurological and consecutive psychological impact, as it is called.

So here we have it. Anti-Psychotics, Anti-Depressant and Anti-Biotics have common factors. Which ones would that be with and without combinations of other medications. Don’t ask psychiatry only, ask others practitioners how they perceive this and what they have done about it since they always read the precautions.

Don’t forget, I was prescribed Anti-Psychotics and almost died. Do you know how that happened? I’m so glad Science and Chemicals got together today to take a few moments of their fucking busy schedules to let us know that you are going to ask for microscopes.


  • Blood samples prior administrating the said medication
  • The hormones evaluated on a monthly basis
  • Age of patient
  • Reasons of the said medication
  • Your POV for results.
  • On my desk for whenever I’ll be there to see what we may need. Keep it brief and in plain language – thus just telling me the comparison of the evaluation mentioned above.
  • Thanks to a bunch of fucking idiots amounting to fucking nothing, you can be demoted in an instant with only this.
  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do years ago?

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medicated with combinations of chemotherapy and other active ingredients. Is this been done yet?

Write date and results obtained. Thanks.

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