Rechargeable IBM-MemoryCell Built-In Memory Timer by Adriana CEO

BlockBattery 7.2 Amp Hour 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery

IBM – RechargeCell with Built-In Memory Cell Timer

Rechargeable Battery Memory  IBM – RechargeCell with Built-In Memory Cell Timer

  • MasterControl for any appliance – small or large – electronics and electrical tools necessitating wall plug-in to recharge and to operate.
  • Hydro Utilities can use a break and so can you – IBM has been wanting to reduce Hydro use around a household using tools for today’s busy schedules… and needs.
  • When all of your appliances and electronics are fully recharged – they can become also hybrid. The Television’s programs never get blanked out should you lose power. IBM-MemoryCell Rechargeables will kick-in. 
  • These MemoryCell Rechargeables will continuously recharge or/and remain recharged as the electronics (per example) is in use.
  • Your choice to keep the MemoryCell Rechargeables on ON or OFF.
  • Photos above are not actually IBM MemoryCell Rechargeables.
  • Fridge – Stove – Microwave etc. so on and so forth.
  • Larger models for cars, bikes and so on  (Hybrid)

In the works as I speak – should you want to pre-order, a technician can be there to integrate this battery in any of your chosen appliances, electric tools, televisions and so on and so forth.

Thanks for your continuous return to IBM Tech Eng ~ Science as INNOVATION progress so do your needs to enjoy a great LIFE.

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To be Sold in USA – China – England – Russia and CANADA.

To be made in Canada only

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