Recycle Blood Oxygen from Within System Implant – IBM-TES by CEO



Can we, one day, sooner better – Implant of recycle cartridges removables?

It's possible.


Diagram above is a water system.

Yet, Scientists will notice a few stems here that resemble the heart system. Blood circulates around with the help of a heart. 

We have lungs here. We Aorta here. We have major arteries here.

Statistically, which major arteries are the most attained with plaque? Which ones need a by-pass more than others?

When trying to adapt a cartridge in a semi-permanent position – see if you can mimick the Water System.

Filters! Filters in cartridges. Removables.


I chose this specimen for another reason other than the regular reasons. Its size. If this would be possible. Even children can be saved from many torments.

These cartridges may have a multi-tasking – It could permit the blood to slowly capture the medication at a good interval the blood cycle understands. It will go to the body's rhythm and not solely according to the said medication recommendation.

Therefore, there could be a visible success to be seen with any kind of neurological, cancers and virus such as A.I.D.S.  I would suggest the method through the neck. Then again, I would like to emphasise the functions and the creativity to commence when looking at some of the research. I would like to eliminate losses. Money and Time.  Many specimen and many ways.

Objectives: To downsize the filters. Find the right moment to remove and replace whenever necessary.

Oxygen and Blood will be always fresh. Fresh Oxygen and Blood spells better recipients to regeneration tools. Even technically speaking.

Neurology can deviate and reroute certain patterns in Down Syndrome and any other deviation or abnormalcy found in the brain waves and patterns to benefit a good comportment thus permitting a good digestion and circulation necessary to life.

Thanks for your serious attention.


Don't mess with the monkey.

The Management!