ReInforcement of Mental Aptitude Through Concentration by LANG

Mental Aptitude Simple Exercise (as it seems but not really)

Concentration Elevation Score

How strong is your concentration 

How easily are you distracted?

When busy and someone talks to you do you feel startled?

Yes – good sign – absorption of visual sound and effects

No – bad sign – you are not concentrating.

When in concentration in active mode – other may distract you without addressing a word to you but when someone talks to you directly there will be a moment when you jump startled. Maybe to the point of being annoyed by these people talking to you. It's called awareness of difference between noise, voices, sound or music or tv or radio on. 

When you can be fully aware of the difference your potential with this exercise grows. Since most are gifted with 2 eyes – it can only grow more.

Eyes are a gift, sound is a gift and so other senses such as taste.

Taste is something that I won't always discuss in any conversation. Some people rely on trashy people to do the job of a few professionals – they are called nickel-dimes people. I stay away from them. It's a matter of taste, yes? N'est-ce pas? As a gambler, I would never invest on anyone like nickel-dimes.

Some have a good reputation then some have a reputation that has been passed on.

Awareness of non-compliance must be present. Awareness denotes the justifications of status quo. If needed to be justified for whatever reason awareness kicks in – I cannot and will not be with certain people who cannot wait to fail. 

I do translations and UpWork Employer wanna-be go like this:

Document to translate – how much – or – what is your rate.

No supervision or Inspection of this website. UpWork is not the only one.

I could try and open up my own WorkStation for Online Work.

I would need format templates of Work Job Posts.

Translation + Requirements such as Content known as Simple to Difficult Levels – Technical – Science – Terminology. Difficult levels usually in translation denote that the content is rather new not really seen everywhere. Therefore this content is in the rough and the employer may not really want to pay the big buck for it; he is looking for words that he may or may not use later when this difficult content becomes a trademark patent. I really don't know what possesses people to start a business to see it go bad. UpWork wants 20% of contractors' rate. I would be rich if the traffic it displays is real. 

What do you mean – no Google Translation? In the formatted template that said employer has to give contractors a sample of what it means for him. Past work presented to him – English to French or Italian taken from Google or Trados (Employers are bamboozled) Every translator would get it this said Trados if all they had to do is copy paste and BTW so would the Employer, yes? Yet, these employers have the fucking guts to even say use Trados or something professionals would use and not Google. 

Trados vs Google is like Document Edit vs copy paste word per word translation without emphasis on where grammar can be corrected or highlights don't show up only in Trados. Well, I got fucking news for people who never translated. Both are good for Translators Experience. Re-arranging words in translation is second step. Giving it a meaning in the translated tongue won't possibly be with same words that too will change. Belgium employer (said or known as Publisher) declined my work for two or three errors. She wanted a story book translated. Decline!

One word that goes wrong – after I said a few times Watch It. Many will suffer for everyone to see instead of what is hapening now.