Research Years Under the Microscope, in Review Studies by CEO IBM-TES ends 2018

CO-DA-CHROME FOLDABLES on Stands to Mobile 15

Capable Hands Combine with the Mind


ErgoMatters into Designs for my new WordProcessor Briefcase. I have identified my needs with shredding methods into incorporation of these shredded material for recycling such as Cloth | Leather | Plastic | Metals | Glass | GlassCombined


CO-DA-Chrome Engine explained during our brief conference early this morning. Pretend you are doing a commercial for Infinity. All of a sudden the even the brochure et ses directives (instructions manual) take another format. It tells you the name of the Engine. Its capacity. Its location. Its Legends. Its Features. Its Model (Version). Its make. Its Year. +++ features to come as they are being tested – already this Engine looks so promising. These advanced features are to be acquired and added the moment they become available. Some will be free while others will be inserted in your new Keyboard Mouse – the MOUSE and System/Screen on the keyboard cannot be separated.

When creating posts, pages, ads etc… For any subject – the Left-Side-Bar is in direct connection with KeyBoard+Mouse+System/Screen. Click for selection. See how it appears – change selection. Draft Security. Original Draft remains, the feature selections may be on several drafts. As features selection is changed and this for various reasons. What may start as a post may be Collapse Look for an ad, for sales, for a landing payment method.

Segments says Asus Chrome is excellent tool for I.T. – very true. When it starts with some legends and a broader éventail or répertoire of libraries data entries – this segment plays multi-roles on its own. Asus Chrome is to look into segments, quantity and sizes for every BriefCase. We only have 2. Requirements Functions by Size – more than 2.

The large BriefCase on Stand + Keyboard + Mouse to the smallest 15 inch wide + download expandable to Mobile. Whatever the mobile can do, Expandable Co-Da-Chrome will do and perform at various speeds depending on sizes requirements.

The casing remains – foldable. Flip is good. Foldable means it does hang up the moment the handle is locked. Calls come in with Notifications. It can be tasked command control – keep last visit. Therefore, I can hold the last 3 to 5 history in view (collapse) the moment I open the Foldable.  So far, Co-Da-Chrome is the name of the model. Versions follow. Name of Versions are yet to be labelled. Mobile to DeskTop PC in Foldables. Telephone always starting from residence or offices. Everyone is required to have a residential and office number – one or the other. It is then on call forward to Mobile AlphaNumeric. Everything if desired or selected can forward in text, images, graph straight into one of the legends on the left side bar connected to the keyboard mouse system/screen… as per selection in email libary history appointments conference – select the label. The labels are all connected to System/Screen – For now, the BETA CO-DA-Chrome is new and needs to be fed with data.

Spreadsheets will go up for sale 6 to 24 months later. Using all Social Media Platforms and creating strong keywords trendy from era to era is possibly of benefit – people remember certain words of the past but won’t read your mind if using ADVANCED NEW AGE words never seen/heard before.

KD dinners turn Advanced would be – tubular dairy coloured pasta from Kraft. On sale. 200 boxes for the price of 100. No indication what it is but that notion comes to someone that it KD Kraft Dinner HalfPrice but you got to buy 200 to pay for the price of 100 which is something people won’t even read. So where would you put it.

The SpreadSheet will tell you that – keyword from the one who bought started with Retail words. Wholesale words. Consumer words. Consumer will go straight into kraft dinner and nothing else maybe new spirals. Or, Dinner with pasta Recipes and Kraft Dinner is clicked on – the spreadsheet is quite REVEALING.







Justice to All. All that has been created and shall perform their tasks with the assistance of Life and Capabilities.

A mind on idle leaves capable hands on idle. Spelling graveyard sooner than later. 


Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal:

Will eventually physically develop after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal’s body structure through cell growth and differentiation.

Metamorphosis is iodothyronine-induced and an ancestral feature of all chordates.

Keywords under scrutiny on the hourglass of our computerized microscopes.


We have here a connection. I found the match. Both either lived on the ground or in water only. The moment this “ABRUPT CHANGE” developed – both engendered a dimension. Air Wings – Water Air. Common factors go into both can stay on the ground and both can either fly away while the other even finds a little bed in some mud in the water.

Lung Connections for Air Water. Can a human being be cajoled into another dimension using these two known occurrences.  Even so factual that it is full in many encyclopedia – Under scrutiny underneath our nose underneath the best of microscopes.

ENGENDERING has taken place. How to find it? How can we replicate this for lesser to bigger needs in order to continue.

What is the lifespan of the grub or other that do not metarmophize?

What is now the lifespan of the butterfly the moth that do metarmophize?

Grub lifespan + Butterfly Moths = X time (much longer, n’est-ce pas?”

Connecting factors are from the lungs – a triangle or a triangular phenomena. How to give a human body all that it can hold pour toutes fins de se metarmophisé? Longevity does not consist of one pill, it consists of few pills only to provoke a memory into its initial phase of its development. Nothing else. Neuro kicks in while laboratories in NeuroScience are staring at the reaction under the microscope, its hourglass relives – what does it look like into how it will perform.

The signs of the times are here – my staff is capable.