Restructuring Hands a la Frankenstein Modern Days

hands1 ironglovesChrismas 1989


Why is this hand gone so bad when a guy like K. Lagerfeld or even Michael Jackson could have found a way out of this deformity. I don’t understand why Orthopedist just don’t give a fucking damn about their supposively passion. My question is there PASSION, ROMANCE and ADVENTURE in SCIENCE – the researcher coughed and said: “I’m sorry for staring.” I said, “You fucking dirty old man. You just sit around and compare who knows what – or just stand there instead of going for this passion. Oh Fuck off.” The only man of our days that can vouch for my tone and temper would be Dr. Luis Cleto.

What would the odds of any medication to take on some effect if this would have been done earlier in its initial phases/stages. I have not concept here on how specialists thing or even behave when it comes to our structure, our frame and our raison-d’être.

Science has left me in a state of disarray. I sincerely hope they wake up from their fucking stupidity.

Minerals and vitamins could circulate a little more comfortably when ARREST in a motion to rehabilitate the natural curve can be established. Same goes for any member of your body with bone structure. I want to ring Dr. David Wiltshire’s neck for leaving me behind. I know this guy would listen to reason. I really feel that he was possibly the only specialist who wanted to further his education and his practice at all cost – but – Montreal was a fucking disaster and there was nothing around to rely on. My daughter is doing fine and she is still bossing me around. So be it said Osama bin Laden.

I won’t be around maybe and if I’m not, here is my fucking salute. Go fuck yourself and swallow the glove.