Reversals 2018 by AG-LANG Predictions

???Shields Cores Infinite Movements???

Infinity Series Revisited

Cannot give out the detail of my Facts Sheets for Work Consideration.

Gravity Formation in Reversal

"Interruptions Unwanted Information"

Tree of Knowledge is not for Everyone

Christmas 25 December 2017 Observation

Humanity is not ready for Deist Movement Process into Procedure

December 25, 2017 at 16h00

All these details in the raw are based on present knowledge to humanity, to men.

E·lec·tro·lyte plural noun: Electrolytes

  1. a liquid or gel that contains ions and can be decomposed by electrolysis, e.g., that present in a battery.


      the ionized or ionizable constituents of a living cell, blood, or other organic matter.

Salts and minerals that can conduct electrical impulses in the body. Common human electrolytes are sodium chloride, potassium, calcium, and sodium bicarbonate.Electrolytes control the fluid balance of the body and are important in muscle contraction, energy generation, and almost every major biochemical reaction in the body.

Sometimes rare but true, a balance between visual from the galaxy does open doors to the questions asked prior that vision. I found one answer.

In an interview Mr Ruijssenaars explains the concept as akin to an upside down pendulum, which is unbalanced with an electric impulse and then rebalanced, while also generating a current, with the gravity-driven piezo material. Repetition of the cycle enables the generation of energy with an efficiency estimated as high as 80%, he says, pointing out that as an input energy is required it is not as some people have inferred a perpetual motion device.

In there, there is repetition I also call Virus. Cycle which is my Quest. Balance Sea-Saw. 

Motion Control in Quest. 

Spirals in Pockets of anti-gravity and gravity itself.

Molecules respecting that same chain reaction.

Emplacements Predispositions in Human Body pre-development in-development post-development or all 3.

Implants, Stimulis in pre-development in-development and post-development

3 time-tables conversion Stability of Cells 

Stability in the Movements and not in cells per se growing, new into digestions. 

Branching Connections Cycles

On my right – Electrolyte Image ???

Other words escaped me

Galaxy Milky Way flat with Electrolyte Oval with Possible Entry 

Earth Tilt vs Saturn Rings Tilts – Space and Time

I hear ti voglio bene. Please go away. I do not need to know that others are preferred.

I do not want to know that others are preferred, what are you all still doing here?

"Spirals of Molecules Electrolytes Space Time Motions"

Going against and for Gravity – Were Spiraling Effects ever considered? 

Spiraling in the blood stream?

While many minds will work around this. I shall invest some time in numbers

1 …. 8

8 …. 1

1 …. 11 …. 88

88 …. 11 …. 1

1 …. 8 …. 111 …. 888

888 …. 111 ….  8 ….1



Quest Primitives of our Human Form in all that claims needing light and water to live.

Life Formation vs Light Water Climate Nourishment Nutrients