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How insignificant are we when looking around?

Most scientists feel so insignificant when viewing the surroundings of our Universe and our habitat, Earth itself. I feel like I understand the whole thing without knowing each contributing factors, organisms of any shape, size and form that they may be temporary to return or permanent fixtures.

Advanced technology relies on known math for all kinds of equations. Advanced technology will transform known figures into advanced manipulation of it. How to manipulate figures? The map above is quite explicit.

In the Universe there is a balance, on Earth, we are losing our balance that is, us, the creatures. We all thrive on oxygen even air creatures look into waters to resurface with food. Fish has a purpose too. They cannot live too long without water except the mammals – they thrive a little longer than the little trout. Thus Mammals are getting more of an advantage. Birds are not mammals yet they instinctively feel this need to keep the eggs warm.

Being an habitat of Earth does not give us that advantage to remain in space without loss of certain functions, deterioration – oxygen is not up to par.

Pressures and Dépressurisation compared to growth and its release = goes by volume weight and time.  This is what we know. There must be other reasons why growth is there and its limitations are also there. I grew to a size at a certain time it remained permanent until losses of minerals. That is your biggest visual realisation that time and ravages occurred. Something happened much before this 80 years of age, failures to co-ordinate or/and failures of just one organ with its functions that brought on early signals unobserved. I just do not feel I got older till I perform this …. (action articulation)

Getting old is considered a death sentence on earth it has its time and it loses all time since the mind needs oxygen articulation nutrients. I lost all sense of time – I repeated years ago. I am quickly getting old. It happened now for me to see it. I would like to organise my house and I cannot feeling too tired. Once I organise my house I understand where my priorities will lie I can exercise mentally and physically. As I feel tired I can stop and do something very undemanding of my mind and body menial gestures extensions of my hands towards my goal as insignificant as it may seem to others – I stretch my arm and look into the focus in its direction and see the plants I breathe. I continue. I repeat the same and look into another direction such as the window on my left therefore do I realize where I am standing at this moment – that is the most important factor. Windows need washing and plants need nurturing. I am here in the middle of the room breathing easy. Chances are on my side now and I feel empowered. I feel that these two tasks can be accomplished quickly since the rest of the room is quite organised. Try this before it’s organised. I have. I felt overly tired. I was afraid and still am to exercise. I really do not want to just spend another summer sleeping not this year I keep reminding myself.

Getting those numbers on the map is my priority – advanced methods also require the Quantum(s) it commands as they come in. The Quartz Pulsar etc… are part of Quantum(s).

Who are we? Answer: Time and Space Measures

What is the Universe: Time and Space Measures minus our oxygen.

Concentration or growth into a slow release mind and body. I want to concentrate and I take action. A little quiet first, shut the eyelids and listen. Take a few deep breathes, exhale slowly. Okay fine.

Reversals of our organisms from the smallest particle into the giant particles organs and all the functions along the paths of each corridor as narrow and short as it can get while going through them with full understanding.

What is a reversal in our organisms?

Answer: All tokens on the board. Fully understanding all functions and all levels with all phases etc… capish? Space (points of measures) will create time. Such as:


Functions – Time – Space


Our computerisation in forming processing data will see an advantage with added maths, with added formula stemming from figures in different circumstances. Believing that Advanced Methods arrive on our door mat is living in bubbles that soon burst into disappointments. Computers advance when math is integrated included as part of the package deal. Quantum(s) start with math and new methods of adding up. So IBM-TES is back to school doing the math and adding up. One day we shall get our Achievement Diplomas Records but today I strongly feel Elementary is where we are and we are fit for this work – insignificant sources, négligeable amount and traces of a good backbone and constitution.

I salute Apple for turning his financial figures into Trillion$ and I am happy to be among the best, IBM-TES.

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???Shields Cores Infinite Movements???

Infinity Series Revisited

Cannot give out the detail of my Facts Sheets for Work Consideration.

Gravity Formation in Reversal

“Interruptions Unwanted Information”

Tree of Knowledge is not for Everyone

Christmas 25 December 2017 Observation

Humanity is not ready for Deist Movement Process into Procedure

December 25, 2017 at 16h00

All these details in the raw are based on present knowledge to humanity, to men.

E·lec·tro·lyte plural noun: Electrolytes

  1. a liquid or gel that contains ions and can be decomposed by electrolysis, e.g., that present in a battery.
    • PHYSIOLOGYthe ionized or ionizable constituents of a living cell, blood, or other organic matter.

Salts and minerals that can conduct electrical impulses in the body. Common human electrolytes are sodium chloride, potassium, calcium, and sodium bicarbonate.Electrolytes control the fluid balance of the body and are important in muscle contraction, energy generation, and almost every major biochemical reaction in the body.

Sometimes rare but true, a balance between visual from the galaxy does open doors to the questions asked prior that vision. I found one answer.

In an interview Mr Ruijssenaars explains the concept as akin to an upside down pendulum, which is unbalanced with an electric impulse and then rebalanced, while also generating a current, with the gravity-driven piezo material. Repetition of the cycle enables the generation of energy with an efficiency estimated as high as 80%, he says, pointing out that as an input energy is required it is not as some people have inferred a perpetual motion device.

In there, there is repetition I also call Virus. Cycle which is my Quest. Balance Sea-Saw.

Motion Control in Quest.

Spirals in Pockets of anti-gravity and gravity itself.

Molecules respecting that same chain reaction.

Emplacements Predispositions in Human Body pre-development in-development post-development or all 3.

Implants, Stimulis in pre-development in-development and post-development

3 time-tables conversion Stability of Cells

Stability in the Movements and not in cells per se growing, new into digestions.

Branching Connections Cycles

On my right – Electrolyte Image ???

Other words escaped me

Galaxy Milky Way flat with Electrolyte Oval with Possible Entry

Earth Tilt vs Saturn Rings Tilts – Space and Time

I hear ti voglio bene. Please go away. I do not need to know that others are preferred.

I do not want to know that others are preferred, what are you all still doing here?

“Spirals of Molecules Electrolytes Space Time Motions”

Going against and for Gravity – Were Spiraling Effects ever considered? 

Spiraling in the blood stream?

While many minds will work around this. I shall invest some time in numbers

1 …. 8

8 …. 1

1 …. 11 …. 88

88 …. 11 …. 1

1 …. 8 …. 111 …. 888

888 …. 111 ….  8 ….1



Quest Primitives of our Human Form in all that claims needing light and water to live.

Life Formation vs Light Water Climate Nourishment Nutrients