Robotised External Apparel Science IBM-TES by Adriana CEO :(

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r2d2robots to: objectivebones Mobility Flexibility Coordination +


Spinal Cord Structure

Anti-bodies – Enzymes – Hormones – Kreatine Protein – Chemicals – Implant of Chromosomes Healthy from close of kin or whatever can be found in Positive O Group and its antibodies for internal feed to be made available in and Injection Slow Release as early as possible – Discomfort an early phase may happen but results are better to insure another treatment for another or other indisposition of the individual's body.

baleinesoutien it is called a Baleine à Soutien – it is flexible yet gives a certain level of support – needs to be thin enough and shaped as a flatten tubular and should have a a color that can be detected with an IBM Tech Eng ultra-sound to identify locations where injections are permissible without endangering the nerves. It could serve as a reinforcement for a spinal cord during the treatment for more precision and minimize tremors.


Centrifuge Dysfunctions along the spine may need to be remodel the existing nerves to permit contact and feeds with a return path. Thus permitting stimuli giving the bone marrow strength and elasticity.  Because spine regains a flexibility while retaining its ability to grow – medication and keep the hardened but flexible foreign sealant possibly made from a melting cellulose – 50% of its injection will melt while the rest will cushion the discs back into a springform never release extreme pressure usually found on one side of the body.

(more updates as they are made available)

Chrismas 1989 I better look like this again. kubo

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