RollsRoyce Service InStore OnLine Coming soon! by CEO of IBM-TES

  • In Canada, we have Canadian Tire.
  • In Canada, we have millions of motorists.
  • In Canada, we hustle and bustle
  • In Canada, we opted for Hybrids
  • In Canada, money is tight as tight as time

CEO of IBM-TES heard the whole shebang on Amazon and Shopify. She rolled her eyes. And, who is afraid or worried about their businesses. Walmart showed his concern to the media. She rolled her eyes again.

Canadian Tire is and will be happy to serve his clientèle across Canada. Because vendors manufacturers of Canada will get together for this WebSite, prices and times waste will see a magnificent drop. Workers will work. 

Just a preview of what the new CEO of Canadian Tire will permit Canadians to know at the moment.

Hybrid Cars, Motorcycles, Vehicles up to a certain weight.

Rolls Royce Services

Change of Seasonal Tires



Motor Oil Change


Free Inspection

Car Wash

Pick-Up and Deliver with or without OnLine Purchases.

3 prices.

One with Car Wash (Jet Exterior or Hand Interior/Exterior) 

One without Car Wash

Estimation with Parts needed if applicable

Gas + Recharge surplus at employees rates.

Commodity: Go to Work. Stay at Home. No matter where you are, an employee from the service department will pick up your car and take it to the garage near you. If you shop for other items away from the Garage Service, the products will be in your trunk when brought back to you. Fully recharged. Fully gased. Fully washed. Price 3 prices. With RechargeRefills of gas. With CarWash. Without recharge/gas and without CarWash. 

Prepay online. Schedule Date. Make a phone call. All time schedules is OnLine. 

Stay at work. Stay at home. Get your car back for $10. Car will return. This extra $10 represents the basic RollsRoyce only. Purchases are to be placed in your car if applicable for the same $10.

Also, when if applicable, an estimate comes to you for car repairs, purchase Online then reschedule Pick-Up + Delivery 

I will have to remind everyone that Canadian Tire, at one time, there was impeccable service. It seems that when women become that manager something worse happens. This way, CEO believes that discrimination is no longer at play. 

Reduce your headaches with car maintenance. 

Thank you for your prompt attention to workers in the administration of Canadian Tire. The sooner the better, motorists are waiting for that Time Savior, be that one.

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