Sea-Drone OctoMedusa ShipWreck Scavengers by Adriana CEO IBM-TES NASA

What a story let me tell you!

A man takes a photo of my drone.

Sea-Drone goes back to base at a certain level water altitude.

See image 2 on right – it flies and it submerges.

Image 3 is the man collecting "Photo Metal Detected Objects"

This drone plunges walks the deepest depths of the sea. He works with detectors into detectors. 

One Square into Square Signal Detectors Imageries

The pump will suck in and hold on to whatever it cannot suck in.

slowly, levels of detectros radar guided, the head of the drone plus its pump start their ascent. The ship is there waiting for the looth.

Many drones, many pump collectors. Physics dictates shorter pumps attached to motorhead sectional drones. 


The Pirate and OctoMedusa

work with BB8 

BB8 is the empty base of a great invention. He is now versatile. That means that I won't pile up all my investments on this module but its diversities versatilities. Lots of investments here to be had.

Look at similarities OctoMedusa Eyes and BB8 motorhead.

Potential Possibilities

I am totally absolutely in love with this collection of Star Wars.

R2D2 – BB8 are the best basics in electronic engineering I have ever seen to date.

R2D2 permitted me to see that with many parts of this module many modules can be had. BB8 gave me the sight the vision of what drones can do while still being parts of R2D2. Detectors Signals into Detectors Signals. 

From parts into whole – to whole into many parts still keeping whole. 

In love.

Like her father-in-law, in love with mens capabilities and outrageous courage. NASA UFO Sea-Drones