Search Engines, Falsehood and Future by Adriana, CEO IBM Tech Eng ~ Science

Google started with GEO’s

Microsoft started with BING Search Eng

Google was possibly one of the first ones

There are approximately a large number and it will be find: if this link are not removed.*

* Wikipedia is full of FALSEHOOD. When you are basing your lives behind the scenes and around lies, there is nowhere else to go but to submerge with them and Ignorance becomes their bliss. What will happen when everyone’s lives will be based on these other lies.

I would like to let you know that I do have some real stories to tell unfortunately, names are not going to be there only fictitious since in those days, the computer itself for records was not made available.  The President that we know of who made me realise this is John F Kennedy. He is dead in the hands of lies and revenge. Many businessmen paid for his position for him to make business flourish in the USA. The army is based on brotherhood – Military Intelligence, Top Ranked Officers and later on CIA. It was a real disaster right after Japan in 1945. That same man who had ordered this Atomic Bomb Attack died not long after. Now, we have 2 examples of what happens to a President of the USA. Who is running the country? Brotherhood is running the country along with the CIA. After much consideration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation became famous only the Brotherhood knew why. I have NO evidence of why but only the reasoning behind this logical decision. The Brotherhood knew that the Federal Bureau of Investigation knew NOTHING around their activities. Many assassinations and murders were sent directly to the FBI.

This book or story is not out yet. I’m sure that others will fill in some names around my book. I had so many interviewers that just steal your ideas and do whatever they want with it.

Appen Buttler Hill is (apparently) an agency who recruits linguistics and crowdsourcing. I never got a job. I had to take tests and after consideration, I was hired. Never gotten work. Every crowdsourcing job was never paid. This is where I said: You today, tomorrow me. Every search, I gave an answer to, crowdsource said, WRONG. What was that all about? The start of the changes of the contents? I really did not say that.

I am looking for a man called John F. Kennedy Jr. but maybe that’s not his name. He is born in November, 27, 1960. Making him a Saggitarius. The son of the man who was assassinated. I am a psychic. My strongest times are never the same. Yet, I get that a man Cancer is in LOVE with an Aries. I did not meet him yet only a psychiatrist in Portugal/Canada and a singer/songwriter of the USA know of – I don’t know for sure.  Is it John Kennedy? No. Then, so be it. As soon as the doctor comes to me I will do what HE wants. I am bipolar. I don’t want to start a life based on lies.

Let’s think of this for just a moment. If that would be true and he is a Cancer and he would be the son of a man who was assassinated and gunned down in public… would you really want to meet him. He faked his own death. Who knew about it. The doctor and the musician? Would you be even around them? All the falsehood that was made public will restart again with me in it? No thank you. I never said anything like to do. Yes, I knew of Bill Clinton and he may have heard the same garbage as what happened later with George Bush. A merry-go-round of falsehood. I don’t want to hide behind the truth or the lies. I want a life.

I sent a message to Prince Charles. I gave him a deadline. He has not answered me. There is nothing to talk about now for him and later for me. My doctor, the shrink, said I had something going with personalities. I was outraged and said: “If you would meet them, you wouldn’t think they’re so great.” I left that fucking room and didn’t want to talk to him anymore. I don’t like what he did. He too got involved with John and Michael all three found each other. They acted out Jack Nicholson’s wish. Jack Nicholson wants a movie role in bed in a threesome. I was laughing. It’s just a movie. But, when I’m implicated with real scenes I don’t appreciate that. I saw court trials – military and civilians and believe me civilians it’s a breeze in the park. When military camouflage the truth – there is great cause to worry. How do they permit to even think that this farce can go on? The answer is simple:

Find me now the Central Geo MasterMind of all the Search Engines.

I am going to get different answers. I had a stroke in 2007. I could have died said Dr. Poulin. It was centrally located or worse maybe, paralysed. I am asking another question to Stephen King the master writer of mind boggling scenes. What is the Future after 2007? We both had the same idea and that was to write about JFK going back in time and then into the future. I saw a bit and said, well, I don’t really want to read his work and now I don’t really want to write anything. I know that sometimes, ideas are stolen. When he writes futuristics, which is something, I never knew he did. I’ll read his version and fill in his blanks.

That’s what MILITARY is famous for: Blanks and Unknowns.

If anyone knows where John F. Kennedy Jr is located let me know. His mother is beside her husband. So they say. My mother told me that when she would go, she wants to be with her husband, a place was set beside him. That’s the way it is. So I sort of believed it. I do not believe that JFKjr is dead. NOT at all. I don’t give a fuck about Witney Houston. I’ll find her and kill her myself. What’s a fucking nigger Civil Rights all about now? That’s what the military did to John and Robert – Go for the civil rights. Get the niggers to vote and work – you’ll be elected (Robert) – you’ll be re-elected (John) Good! I’ll kill the nigger now. IF I find her of course. Or else, it’s not me. I am only the turnip that bounced off the transport truck and bounced many times on the road. So you can sort of figure out in what state that turnip is. REVENGE.



He was to be the next President of the USA and the last.

Search why a President was first elected – thank you for taking the time to find the answers.


Chrismas 1989

Everything written here comes from Adriana, CEO of IBM Tech Eng ~ Science

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