Section-by-Section Major Arteries Recycles Expansions by Adriana IBM-TES


Scroll through the major arteries after injection.

The screen needs to conform and not to mask without giving out all the vibrancy.


Our body is covered with major arteries

Scanning after injection of liquid for repair areas.


At one time, it was the whole longitude only.

Our Objective: Local Scanned Problematic Areas 

If surgery doesn't understand this technique – it can only mean that I put in a request for Scanned Areas Repairs – Insert – Vacuum – Recycle 

After one month – blood analysis and scans 

Thank you for paying attention – the Etch-Sketch is the replica – the knobs are for your insert and removals since you are covering the problem area only and not its whole reason to be. 

It can prove to be a little painful but never like when the whole area is covered just to get to the problem.

TBA – make sure you understand that when you unblock you must wait for a complete recycle of the blood and repeat technique – then freshen it up with some saline anti-biotics.



Don't mess with ze Minkeee

My personnel has been bitten by the Tsi-Tsi Fly.


Sleeping on the job wondering when they are going to step on another ladder up up up with their Learning Disabilities.

A! If you got it all figured out – then disregard it. It's a portable device for Surgeons to carry from patient to patient in a rush After a SCAN of course.