Self-Sufficient Domes Dwellings Hotels More to Come by Adriana CEO


Domes are wonderful. So wonderful that NASA followed suit right after Stephen King, author and Bart Simpsons episodes for family viewing started the motions. Before all that, domes were just rings. Today, IBM Tech Eng wants a piece of this action.

What’s new?

  • Satellite Recognition from the ground. Works in duality with Space or alone thus eliminating SOLO needs ~ No more relying on a Satellite coming from some spot in space. This dome will capture ground magnetics to enable circulation and energy to move around as needed or as wanted.
  • What does it do?
  • It feeds or supplies every cell.

What it does NOT do?

  • Never merges – thus eliminates conflicts.

Who can get it?

  • TBA

What will it look like?

  • Something like the image except the empty spaces will be filled with solar panels to help the dome itself to replenish with energy and recirculate therefore an economy of self-sufficiency USB FreedomKey is needed.
  • Hotels will have a recreation room beneath it.

And would you believe that IBM Tech is going Constructive!

How about owning a home or dwelling that looks like this:

DomeAntennae Fourplex

  • Remove the roofs!
  • Place glass panes all around the dome!
  • Everyone has their own corridor to their entrance
  • Every entrance can be made to measure
  • Every entrance and roof tops can have individual needs
  • TBA

Objective: Self Sufficient Modern Establishments

  • Will diminish eventually the need for HQ energy 
  • Cost will decrease
  • Wi-Fi + Internet or whatever it will be called has two-way capacitors
  • Weather will not affect living conditions with wear and tear 
  • Repair and Replacement Costs will decrease
  • TBA 

HOW MUCH for the consumer?

TBA – “Less than a conventional house let me assure and not only that, energy at least 60% with online services included.” says the CEO Adriana. She also adds: “If you meet a better deal, let us know and get a piece of this dwelling FREE.”

R2d2 Fantasy Robot Butler included for exclusive buyers.

Chrismas 1989 PrinceAndrew

I will only marry him for his title. What else is a man good for?