Self-UltraSound Scanning too Futuristic? by Adriana CEO IBM-TES

equipmentscanner scanner

Due to enormous demands placed on existing Hospital Institutions IBM-TES wants to contribute to self-scanners for patients – there will be a price to it that Doctors do not assume. 


lgcellcurve mousescanner

  • Imagery beneath the scanner-mouse with 2 USB Ports
  • Cordless – WiFi 
  • Easy Manipulation
  • Patients at Risk
  • Kit contains 2 USB Key + 1 mouse
  • Easy Instructions (similar to doctors office)
  • No Screen Program included (Professional Use Only)
  • MicroProgram included in the ScannerMouse.
  • Price TBA ~ expect price to reflect COST + 20%  no tax


Not as shown: Professional Use Only 

  • Get more control and grip for certain areas.
  • Will do more than imagery 
  • Possible Small Intervention Laser Control
  • Possible in-depth intervention Laser Control
  • Imagery Control Colours
  • Price TBA – cost + 150% cash
  • Scientology Equipment cheaper try them first.


We are going to be on TOP even if I have to deal with Permanent Learning Disability as a personnel. And how was your day?


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