Semi-Hard Drivers Segments Labs Surgery Desk by CEO IBM-TES

How many Drivers does 1 x = RX(x) DX(x) 

All colours have one General Topic.

Start with Primary Colours

Example in the raw below:


  • Red being: Blood Group
  • Green being: One of the Organs
  • Blue being: one of the brain’s lobes.
  • Yellow being: one of the liquids including sperm


How it is represented:

By colour density. Tone. Nuance. Degradation. Light pale blue into Navy blue.

On every document (page) 

All colours become index of their representation to quickly gather basic reasons of it in itself to crosscheck with patients follow-ups.

Clicking on it (the said colour for further analysis)  will pull out the number of pages it commands in the said file of patient plus the original sheet of the reasoning of this colour. Blood is red and all that it could represent. BloodyOrange Red means… BlueishRed means…PinkishRed means… Because colours do vary in their nuances.

How a file is constructed.


These 2 methods will see a clarity without even asking for secretary to transcribe.

Elimination slowly of written reports with keyword search into report by colours and by words.

As file builds so do your keyword search and match to send to present file.

Doctors get complete analysis – that report will automatically match all the search doctors have entered for the said patient.

Patient Conditions and timestamps (patient First Visit EVER… September 18, 1971 and all data is there since that day to September 18, 2017 current visit) will command several keywords and colours. Computer will do this job. Search Match to send to File Current Visit.

To retrieve more information

In Construction in the RAW Draft and Not Final:

Place sheet on copier:

  1. For ALL recent information it will open up on screen to reveal the colour circled (references) page(s) will open up. Including the complete folder of the said patient.
  2. When something does change – the colour won't change only NEW which is placed below will be added in the same colour or its darkest in Italics. There was a change in medication and that will be mentioned there was a change in one of the organs and that will be mentioned there was a change in its liquids and that will be mentioned. etc..
  3. Possibly recommendations – unfortunately it could be mentioned at anyones discretion after really knowing this patient. Not recommended till that time. Unknown patient, I do not recommend the computer entry is the way to go. 
  4. Recommendations after visible results for follow-ups are available 
  5. Recommendations such as these to be added by Doctors not by secretaries.
  6. Recommendations will also have timestamp – doctors name and license – All of it. 
  7. Every patient file will include its history from whenever to recent. Doctors, Complete Analysis and Medication including any intervention surgical and others. 
  8. Every file will have these modalities + written notes on each current file. Mental Notes will not be acceptable only written notes and initialed up to 3 times.

It is called a Semi-Driver(s) since updates are made available only for the driver(s) itself it cannot be compatible with any other software application from someone else or from some other company such as Apple or/and Microsoft.

From Professionals to Kids at Play

Extensionables – Retractables – Transformers

with Falcon

As big as a house. For sure. Dependables Reliables Fun even for most Serious Science Officer. Search Match by Colour Information finally is seeing the light.

IBM-Securities your documents at heart.

*If someone hacks and someone will – even colours will interfere and that hacker can only return to his first methods of hacking by crashing your whole system never corrupting your files.* Semi-HardDrivers