Sensors-Recalls ByZone Diamond Method Trees – WClimate Shields our Future Umbrella? by CEO of IBM-TES

Updates: Found some information on Gigabytes January 15, 2020 

In a smart city, sensors can be placed everywhere to collect data, with streets, buildings, public and personal devices all being interconnected, and the huge amount of data generated by these sensors then being communicated, analyzed and fed back to the infrastructure to affect changes in operation³. Example applications can include waste management, traffic and parking management, logistics and fleet management of public vehicles, environmental sensors for air and water quality monitoring, as well as electronic billboards and charging stations for electric vehicles.

It is not a red alert, at the present time, the Army needs to know who signed up for all this if anyone has. How public is this system (s) How Control Rules Regulations identify these new spreadsheets? We need approvals and their reasons of – not approving or approving first.

Please make sure that this request is respected. Tribes cannot start based on forgery. We can always do that after, at least, it’s me and not them based on need to react.

Where there are CODES, there are ENCODERS and DECODERS and in betweens.




When trees are protected and nurtured, the vicinity benefits. In a diamond cubicle to meet depthness and radius of comfort but not too wide only wide enough for the roots of the trees to re-surface on the edge of the diamond to be then covered for the sole purpose of regrowth from the root.

When the tree is about 8 to 10 feet tall from the root, the root is cut at the edge of the diamond and the original tree in the diamond is then wet and removed by airlift for another zone where it be planted for other purposes especially appeal and beauty for the landscape. Lapse of time from the original to 8 to 10 feet tall from the root outwards is not available – if Japan has already done something similar please contact them. Or, contact them anyway to find out what happened after the famous square watermalon. I want something like that for the trees in the diamond deep enough and wide enough only enough for it to grow big roots to develop other trees around the diamond. Got that. I repeat here 2 times to say same instruction.

Make sure the earth in the cubicle diamond has fresh fertile earth.

2nd Step is to replace with a different kind of tree if possible a fruit tree. When it grows and roots are big enough to re-surface to finally develop another tree when covered with earth. Remove Fruit Tree for sales or just to place in cities, villages and smaller towns.

Everyone is entitled that they ask or not. Some will be up for sales while others will be there for oxygen. I saw that Prince Charles has planted some even at Kensington Palace. Buckingham Palace too. Why not be like Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Ann and Prince Edward.





World Climate addressed: Can it co-exist with The Quest to Conquer?

World Climate lives beneath a shield. High Winds overpower to then turn climatisation around.

Attraction from Radar Disks Satellites.

Emission to Transmission – wavelengths ranges and acceptance to conform with life on earth. Studies will continue.

Detectors Sensors Index are needed and continuously tested for accuracy. Microwave Motion equating to those concentrated intense rays of heat in radio-activity like a shooting star or a flying star.

What happens when a satellite projects a 3D image to IBM? Embeds Embosses.

The details of the actual footage in play being imprinted in the 3Dphoto. Alignments from degrees straight into another degree in vertical way. From up to down or down to up following the horizontal line.

True or False

Nails grow faster in warm climate.

As a Science Officer: Wherever you live and were born – your nails grow longer during warmer season.

True False (choice of one)

People who are born in very warm climates:

Nails and physical growth – does it match what this theory proposes?


When nails grow faster what is the organism going through in a speed and thickness or staying power?

Is it renewal related

Is it regeneration related?

Is it basically a good condition or is it a bad condition?

What else could be at play when nails grow longer faster?

Can you revise all your notes of the past – stamp date them

Stampdate when you find answers and you have already done something about those results stemming from years years years ago and what have you done back then and what can you see that you may have omitted today?

TimeStamp all Progressive Development At all times.


Thank you

DRAFT only.