Seriously Walt Disney Possible Only A Dream by LANG Toys Arts IBM

Sometimes, I watch a Walt Disney Movie and I suddenly become the Movie Director. Non sense, Mickey could have just said something else and jumped on the bed. It did not happen. Mickey just started sweeping instead.

I would like to see a Canvas – empty screen turn into life by just dragging the characters in the screen. When the magnetism starts and I will see it take a shape as if Captain Kirk and Spock are in the transporter room and energizing in-out. It will inform me – the character has taken its magical form ready to be motioned around.

Experiment with known characters. Make Mickey Mouse move around, all his parts. Make him dance and take the hand of Daisy – let them sing – no, you have to sing not the characters. It’s your turn to start a story with Screen-Canvas Motion Creations.

I would like to start with WB WD characters everyone knows. After, if someone wants to copy, I do not feel that it should belong only to me or to IBM-Toys and Arts.

Magnetism and Quantums may play a big part in this project.

I hope to see it soon and sell it to anyone who wants to start some creativity moving with these juices and sparks. The known onto the application of Motion-Characters-Objects and Backgrounds. Lots of choices. Walt Disney and Warner Brothers have tons of characters and possibilities. I really seriously feel this can be done.

Thank you for reading this post.

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