Signals Intelligence of Life – Original Kind vs Other Kinds

A preview of what you may read and see one day on Commander Shatner and Nimoy Motion Picture. Not in the works yet too bad said the computer. Computers always have to wait forever, don’t they.

Computer is not understanding or configuring the patterns in the scanner. It did recognize a few patterns.

It recognized a signal of a form of intelligence from a galaxy. At this point, it is not understood the reasoning behind the non-recognition from signals of its own pattern – Further investigations are taking place since the computer is suggesting that perhaps the signals may differ and we are from an earth life pattern and they may be unfamiliar to us.

The objective here is to try understanding the reason behind the non acceptance of the other signals of Other Kind or are they of the Second Kind and if the form of intelligence in front of us would be of the Original Kind then the Second Kind exists as well as the Third and Fourth and so on and so forth, etc…


Intelligence in its purest form sends out a non-motion signal and can be found on the right beneath the round shape above the image. When in maturity it will be more uniform. Intelligence of its Second Kind will have a different colour perhaps more Yellow-Orange because it is reflecting the UV of the Sunlight.

Colours of the rainbow already existed in the galaxy and God promising the world that he will not destroy it with a deluge is only a fantasy in a man’s mind.


What if?

Men started something to do something GOOD for humanity and destroyed something GOOD for humanity.

What if?

Someone told you to stop. Told you that you will destroy something GOOD for humanity. 

What if?

Someone would destroy you because you were blind to see and hear what someone told you and when someone told you to stop?

Stephen King may have an answer. I told Joe years ago. Something will happen to me. We didn’t have any children. I said: “Don’t every fly a plane when we’re NOT together anymore.” I wanted to tell him something else. “I am married to another man and I just don’t understand these cards. A shrink married me to so many men not knowing what to do. There is more but who cares right now. He’s not alive. I am at this point.

We are scientists and I can only speak for myself in my beliefs. God will not destroy his creation which is the world… MEN will. Men have to believe in themselves and it can be compared to RESPECT. When you respect yourself, you will be able to respect everything around in their priorities or your priorities – RESPECT is all I want and what your entourage and environment deserves. If YOU cannot respect anything even at its minimal level you will be facing a sentence that is expatriate you to some other destination on earth that maybe you will see where your priorities will be.

The signals are White – Yellow – Orange = They are separate and work together only when magnetic fields (forces) collide and clash. NASA may have images of changes and IBM Tech Eng is having a little bit of a challenge on their hands because these patterns in cloud signals are unfamiliar to us and seem or we perceive that they could be unfamiliar within the KINDs – Original, Second, Third and so on and so forth in other KINDS.

Contrast routes Black to White and other colours. Changing the sub-linkly routes. Scanning IP and routes channeling to computers MasterLink MotherBoards Segments and Divisional.

Energy to be directed into a deviation to then re-route and to re-deviate. At each turn of direction, the energy gets stronger at even TenFold to the power of 2. So far, negligence in security is left to be desired. Mapping with Scan is definitely in the plans. Do not just fire on contact making sure that the desired target is the real target is of importance. Women and Men to be fired upon at the opportune time.

Instructions to be followed in time necessary to be executed uni-formally.

A song that I happen to live by according the radio and tv stations of Canada and even USA. Newspapers and who knows which other media.

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