Software Amplifies Views on Sales and Analysis by CEO IBM-TES

Amazon Clickables to IBM-TES Hover Float with Mouse or Touch Screen or iPen(cil)

When browser shopper visits a website and gets to Hover Float a product or and reports with highlights or no highlights or underlined a certain
colour and the likes – a larger view or expanded view shows – the visitor can now read CLICK in big which will disappear the moment the Float Image is clicked.

What does the visitor see?

Descriptions Information Snippets of the products and information is now in the library.

Amazon has it right. To increase sales, always good to see the expanded view of any product or even books or information or DIY and the likes.

Therefore the visitor looking for a manual of instructions can always hover over the cover and the expanded view shows up.


The visitors now
sees a window where he can type what he needs to know. Such as wood needed for the tables.

The snippet appears. It gives dimensions. Many
woods and many reasons for each wood. Cheaper wood to expensive Mahogany and their applicable methods. 

The visitor looks at the price and sees that there are different techniques for this trade. The author of the manual increases his chances of selling his manual rapidly.

Hovering Floating Expanded Image turns into Description for any laboratory. What happens is every keyword is placed in a template for itself. A library per posts. Per product. Per analysis.
Colourful thumbnails.


Visitor wants to buy latest analysis of brewing GMO coffee beans for his chain of restaurants and wants to have some kind of clue as for its benefits to its downside(s)

The visitor will pay for reliable information and not break his head to find it since FDA is not the easiest camper to deal with. The visitor needs to write and explain why he needs the analysis for his operations. This time, the visitor can buy this information from a website.

Amazon Affiliates?

How about Walmart Canadian Tire Partners Financial PayRoll.

Websites are free until they are not.

Work from home NASA **hahaha** $25 per week to listen to sonicbooms. It was funny. Just to answer their request – $2. 

Yes, it exists. Survey says – it exists with survey companies. The catch – the work at home person can only cash in at a certain amount. Not IBM-TES eCommerce Style

When these Shopping Centers inStore and Online are opened. There are SKU definitions that can be used.

Retailer's inventory or product catalog. The SKU is often used to identify the product, product size or type, and the manufacturer. Applicable for Written Material Information Also.

Every industry can benefit of this method of buying with description and quantities. Print on demand. Download on Demand* the shopper can gift downloads and products with codes. Codes are then entered in the LOGO of Amazonia Trades and IBM eCard for Scanners and for swapping at the cash.

When visitors shop and buy – all their products are then entered in their files. Even the products that were taken and then released for whatever reason. One year of purchases is at least 30 purchases (minimum) The more the visitors purchase the wider is their inventory. Already Purchased and Browsing with Scanner. From home, iPhone PC Desk iDevices Tablets will work – go to Amazonia Trades by typing a few alphanumericals. Those symbols Text/Numbers with Amazonia Trades and PayRoll will never change. PayRoll is if you want to work at home. Choose any products – any! Place it on your website. Sell it. IBM will do the rest. PayRoll will ask the shopper/seller for his Bank, City and phone number where he can then select savings/chequing/creditcard pre-pay starting at any amount. Before the bank can take money away from you for this service it would be highway robbery – since when do you get charged to deposit?

Standard Deposit and Withdrawals Apply. Check your bank. Banking fees and little money never saw each other. Prepaying your line of credit is good. Prepaying your credit card is good too while just placing it in a savings account for just this purpose that the visitor will call and type in the window – prepay credit cards (account) at the end of the year or if this seller is very good – soon, he will have had prepaid his cards of $50. $100.  x 10  or 20 How does he get them? The bank will either mail them to him or to avoid that big fee, pick them up and sign for it.

Amazon is on top. Good Image.

IBM-TES Amazonia Trades + Blackberry Logos for trackables. Tracing information quick. PayRoll into Bank Accounts no limit and no fees Transactions. Deposits are never charged. B2B Financial Transactions. Your WebSite(s) Your initial URL + I.P. + Financial Institute will always precede you.  The shopper/seller can move, change server, change bank while the initial I.D. follows him/her – all it will do is bitly on him/her. Every change will cause a bitly reaction. All this information is kept in total confidence by the security checks of Amazonia Trades. 

Ads will cost less since Streamers StreamersX Platforms will do lots of the work. There are some guidelines and they must respect the products. 

Ads will mention if seen on TV and time slots. 

Ads will mention the media and time slots.

View, Sound or Print Time Slots where applicable.

Greater Montreal * Vicinity Caption

VanHoutte Coffee New! Commercial Global TV etc…time slots 2h10 5h40 8h00 10h00 

Radio CallLetters 10am 11am 4pm 6pm

Print – The Gazette Wednesday September 19, 2018

"Get real, Social Media Platforms is not just online. It can only grow from here with the advanced approaches. Tell all your visitors where to find the information in a fun way."