SolarBar Battery Totally Officially IBM-TES by Adriana

plasticglassfiber-solarbar usbports

Diagram 1 ~ The ULTIMATE GlassPlastic Solar Energy Bar no electrical wire needed. Battery Solar Powered. Diagram 2: 4 ports

All Bars are sold separately. Place at window to energise it with light. The longer at the window the more it charges. Buy several is recommended. 

Every bar has more than one socket on the side facing the room and not the window. It can interlock with any electronic and electrical appliance in the house. 

The CEO put this demand on IBM to start this power supply. She was away on a prolonged forced vacation and therefore, consequences are costly for the ones who put her and kept her behind those bars. 

Use for TV – fridge – stove and all other electronics/electrical appliances.


Diagram 2. This method has a long electrical cord – most windows are not far from electrical outlet – the shorter the cord the better the fluidity of the flow of energy. 

IBM Bars are different – these are that kind of hybrid – it can be used through your ordinary regular power wall outlet or solar power. It needs only the removal plug-in insert in electrical cord + the PlasticGlass Solar Bar Panel to be added on it. TBA (still under construction) 

Use for TV – fridge – stove and all other small electronics/electrical appliances.


Diagram 3. Can supply a whole city of a certain content of demands to supply. Another Concentrate Solar Panel will cover this existent one during shorter days of any country. TBA. (Still under construction)

I know that Hydro Quebec had a lot of work overseas. Then I never bothered to find out their progress and how it was used and processed. I'll abstain, said the CEO.

All Hydro Quebec and Electrical Entrepreneurs are going into a scrutiny. When you ask an electrician to pull the wires towards himself in order to check the quality of the wires in the wall… after a fire damage… there is cause to worry. That same man wants me to pay him a ridiculous amount. I won't pay him. I'll give him this to read Mr. Dufault. He doesn't know or is not aware that my Thermostat went on fire and no matter how it was done, the electrician did not do his job. He had to pull the wires out of the socket and verify them all – doesn't he have a gadget for electrical surges? No? Get one. Did he test every wire? No? Yes?

Every panel that has been sold for Commercial Residential and Industrial usage – detailed invoices of cost of operation includes: Material, shipping, labour and all the taxes.

electwallmountheater  plasticglassfiber-solarbar

Diagram 4 – 5

4. Wall Mounted Heater

5. Solar Power Bar to Interlock with Heater

Needs technician for adapters – insert sockets to accommodate new feed.

I want the same amount.  Trust Funds.

Because I was incapacitated for so many years, if I can do it for LE$$ and faster – you owe me much more. 

All people who are not in the society blah blah – will pay for this cost over and over. They are the ones who did not permit me to do whatever while they were doing whatever. Someone has to pay for it. They even heard me say… When its my turn it shall go faster. Of course, with your fucking money.



I really hope Mr. Scientology that you can afford to breathe! While you were doing whatever lots of people had to breathe with a dropper.  Many could not afford anything. You pay the equivalent of $250 per month just to have electricity running in your house. You didn't even do much. Believe me I don't watch TV all day. It just happened recently. We didn't even have a TV before. and I paid around $250. per month. 

I shall care as much as you all did when I was fucking struggling.

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