Some of the Interior Design Details IBM-TES Notre Dame Island by Adriana CEO

Concept IBM-TES Ile Notre Dame 

What it shall be. 

Exhibitions Technology Pavillions (2)

Solar Panels 

All Domes Igloos 75% Solar Energy

Shapes will vary – from a rectangular to a triangle (pyramid) over a square foundation – cantina style at the bottom (called basement) temperature regulated.

Depending on the land available a complete small city can be developed. Hotels Restaurants Ground-Shuttle 

Its uniqueness is ground-shuttle to the entrance of the iglous. 


The entrance is longer. Exhibition Iglous Dome have 2 openings. Entrance and Exit. It shall stop inside. Return to hotels and to restaurants as well as spas (one or two) 

My goal is not to remove all from the city itself. My goal is to build a future on past concepts that never materialised. Anti-pollution. Material with the least corrosion. Something Japan did not think of. 

Electrical Electronics together. Battery life subjected to Solar Panels and Light Exposure. Ability to drain the panels efficiently to feed all iglous.




geometry geometry1

geometry2 BB8

R2d2 lawnsprinkler

E.T.2 lab3

Passports GemsJupiter

invisibletvscreen germansolarpowered