Speed Evaluation Low to High from 1985 Reasoning the Logic of its Performance


  • The graph cell demonstrates the possible low speed of the 1985 circa of this computer.
  • The objective of this study is to define the entire graph to accommodate graphics, visual and sound to round it up in an accord.
  • Also to manicure any jumps in the verticals and horizontals.
  • If properly defined, it will accommodate future speed and conflict with other programs.
  • Flash is also to be examined in this study to perform adequately alongside the speed.
  • Images of the 85’s into a large cone meeting a peak to then re-enlarge in another cone.
  • KodaChrome Impeachment during progressive advance mode – silver is not accentuated on grey.
  • Proper Speed will take the supernatural effect off the (tissue – thread)


Chrismas 1989 Adriana wishing you all a great day.

Life does go on after all.

August 1, 2015